All About Concrete Expansion Joints

What is a concrete expansion joint? 


Before discussing Concrete expansion joints, we need to understand what an expansion joint is and the benefits of having a proper expansion joint. A concrete expansion joint is a gap (breathing space) that allows the concrete to expand and contract when the temperatures drop below a certain degree. This allows the concrete to move without causing stress, which can lead to cracking.

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Benefits of Concrete Expansion Joints

Concrete expansion joints are necessary for the health and longevity of your sidewalk and driveway. Our Concrete Elite Expansion Joint Sealant is a superior chemical makeup formulated for expansion joints. It's a 100% RTV silicone sealant that is UV resistant, flexible, and durable. An excellent concrete expansion joint sealant shouldn't get brittle, crack, or fade over time. When it comes time to seal a Concrete Expansion Joint, you must ensure that the joint is clean of any grass and debris. Then place your foam backer rod if you choose to use it. Next, apply a bead of silicone followed by light tooling. Once the silicone has fully cured, you will have a waterproof rubber barrier to protect your investment. 



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