• Nov 24th 2021

    Detecting and Dealing With an Ant Infestation

    Ants may seem like only a mild inconvenience when you spot one or two around your house. However, allow them to multiply, and you may soon start feeling your skin crawl. Their size and quickness make…

  • Nov 14th 2021

    Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

    Winter is officially here, meaning it’s time to turn up the heat! Even so, depending on where you live, winter can be especially brutal. It’s important to make sure you’re detecting drafts in your hom…

  • Oct 29th 2021

    Where's That Draft Coming From?

    Have you been noticing that your home is getting colder than normal? It could be because of drafts. This happens when cracks or holes occur from wear, tear, and time. It's completely normal for this t…

  • Sep 11th 2021

    The Season of Change: Fall Home Improvement Ideas

    Fall can be one of the coziest times of the year. With cooler temperatures, changing colors, and pumpkin spice, it can feel like the perfect time to unwind after a busy summer. However, it may actuall…

  • Aug 29th 2021

    Flush With Options: Uses for Silicone in the Bathroom

    Silicone Sealant is a liquid adhesive that keeps strong construction projects together. It is a popular choice for countertop attachments due to its strong, water-repellent properties. Since it preven…