• Jan 15th 2021

    Approaching a Fixer-Upper with Enthusiasm

    If you’ve recently purchased a fixer-upper, then you know projects of this magnitude can be daunting. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything on your “to-do” list, especially if this home is in…

  • Jan 13th 2021

    How to Winter-Proof Your Attic

    Doors and windows are generally on the top of your list when it comes to preparing for colder temperatures. However, you may want to look up, specifically toward your attic. The very warm air that sho…

  • Dec 23rd 2020

    How to Clean Caulk

    Does your bathtub look like it was outlined with a brown Sharpie? Is someone important coming to visit--a date or judgmental parent? Maybe your new year’s resolution is to be a little cleaner. What…

  • Dec 21st 2020

    How to Winter-Proof Your Home

    Is your house ready to deal with the winter winds, heavy snow, and biting frost? It doesn’t matter if your house is new or old; almost every house will experience drafts at some point, which occur if…

  • Dec 12th 2020

    What to Do About a Winter Pest Infestation

    Yes, it is cold outside. But it’s warm and cozy in your home. That’s why every local rodent will try to weasel its way into your home. While you might think that bugs have gone far away for the winter…