• Sep 12th 2022

    Get Creative With These Fun Fall Crafts!

    Autumn is a time of new beginnings. The weather is cool, children are back in school, and crops are brought in for harvest. Fall is a great time to go to farmer’s markets, pumpkin patches, and haunted…

  • Sep 9th 2022

    10 Home Improvement Projects for Autumn

    Autumn is one of the most wonderful times of the year. The heat of summer begins to lift and the air becomes crisp and cool. If you live in the American Midwest, you know that autumn is the harbinger…

  • Sep 1st 2022

    What Makes Silicone Sealant So Useful?

    Silicone sealant is an incredibly helpful product. It’s an adhesive that comes in a thick liquid or gel form. It can be used for several different household applications. The most common use of silico…

  • Aug 30th 2022

    How to Repair Concrete With Expansion Joint Sealant

    Concrete is one of the strongest construction materials there is. It’s used in everything from walkways to the Hoover Dam. Its first use dates back thousands of years in ancient architecture. The Roma…

  • Aug 25th 2022

    How to Make Molds Out of Silicone Sealant

    Silicone molds are very versatile with various applications, both fun and practical. Silicone molds can be used for soaps, candles, magnets, jewelry, and other DIY products. Food-safe silicone baking…