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Product Feature: Concrete Elite

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Silicone Depot has perfected the use of pure silicone in construction and home improvement. Silicone has long been praised for its superior lifespan and higher effectivity, compared to other sealant types. Unlike polyurethane products, pure silicone has shown itself to handle extreme weather, be it hot or cold. Moreover, ithas enough flexibility to provide protection even to vulnerable areas of construction.

Silicone Depot’s Concrete Elite Expansion Joint Sealant is a durable, pure silicone product which flawlessly seals the joints between concrete fixtures, in both rain or shine. Since its introduction, Concrete Elite has provided top notch protection to concrete fixtures for an unbeatable price.

Why is expansion joint sealant so important?

Expansion joint sealant is for more than just aesthetic appeal; it is vital to preserving the integrity of your concrete. Laying concrete is expensive and time-consuming. Sealing your concrete with silicone joint sealant can keep it looking new for years and expand its lifespan well beyond what normal sealants can do. If saving time and money sounds appealing, then silicone sealant is a must.

Silicone joint sealant offers three major benefits to your concrete that other sealants (or a lack of sealant) cannot compare with.

Joint protection

The main purpose of sealant is to protect surrounding concrete. The wear from even normal use can quickly damage concrete slabs or other structures. Vehicle wheels, particularly smaller, hard wheels, can crack, shift, and damage concrete. Damaged concrete can in turn damage vehicles that pass over it. Sealant prevents this, even in areas with a high rate of repeated traffic.


An unsealed concrete driveway poses just as real a threat to people as it does their vehicles. Walking on cracked, unsealed concrete, especially in flimsy shoes, makes you more susceptible to falls and other avoidable accidents.


Open unsealed joints attract dirt, garbage and other debris. They also leave prime space for chemicals to find their way into the ground through the joint gap. Sealing the gaps prevents this.

How does silicone sealant work?

What sets silicone sealant apart from other sealants out there? Why have so many people chosen to make the switch to pure silicone? Silicone is a safe product to use and lasts significantly longer than polysulfide or polyurethane products. Moreover, it is a popular fixture in bathrooms because of its water resistance. Silicone sealant does just what its name implies: it seals fixtures together for a smooth construction job. But how does it hold up outdoors?

We’ve all seen rundown, uneven concrete walkways and dangerous-looking unsealed concrete driveways. Concrete, despite seeming so sturdy and solid, is actually quite flexible. In hot or cold temperatures, concrete slabs will expand or contract, creating a jagged and uneven look to any walkway or driveway. Fortunately, this is where sealants come in.

Because concrete is almost always used outside, the weather and temperature of any given environment must be carefully considered. Before pure silicone sealants, there were some areas of the world where the climate frequently got in the way of homeowners and businesses trying to lay down good concrete. As a result, these societies wasted thousands of dollars resealing and replacing warped concrete fixtures.

Silicone joint sealant doesn’t have the vulnerability or short lifespan of other sealants. It’s built to stay and weathers extreme temperatures well. Silicone sealants don’t yellow or decay as the years wear on. Moreover, their flexibility allows the concrete to shift, shrink and expand around the joints while still holding together admirably.

How to use Concrete Elite

Concrete Elite is perfect for both first-time seals and repairs to old but fading seal jobs. If you are replacing old sealant, make sure all the previous material is safely removed before applying the new silicone sealant. An angle grinder may be necessary for this. Then, simply apply your Concrete Elite using the tool of your choice and give it time to dry and bond before you reopen your concrete path for use.

It may take up to a day for your sealant to completely cure. Remember that some environmental factors can speed up or slow down that time.

Silicone Depot’s Concrete Elite

Concrete Elite Joint Expansion Sealant comes in whatever size a job necessitates: 15oz tubes, 20oz sausages, and 2 or 5 gallon buckets. Whether the job is a small, decorative walkway or the driveway to a supermall, Concrete Elite can rise to the challenge. It lasts up to ten times longer than traditional sealants, offering years upon years of high-quality protection -- so reliably that you’ll be able to forget all about it as it does its job.

For more high-quality silicone sealants, visit Silicone Depot today.

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