• Mar 13th 2021

    Tips for Controlling Pests in And Around Your Home

    Insects and wildlife seek out our homes for warmth, food, and shelter, especially during the winter months. These sneaky pests access our homes in all sorts of ways, some of which are not always obvio…

  • Feb 27th 2021

    Signs of Water Damage to Look Out For

    Property damage from water leaks is the third major cause of home loss in the United States. According to Bankrate, water damage alone cost insurance companies more than $8 billion in property losses…

  • Feb 11th 2021

    4 DIY Home Projects That Are Pet Friendly

    It is no secret that having pets can sometimes result in those home improvement projects being put off until “next weekend.” If you have some extra silicone sealant or adhesive lying around, here are…

  • Jan 30th 2021

    4 Easy DIY Projects to Spruce your Home up for Spring

    Spring may still be a far way off from now, but it’s hard not to daydream about. Perhaps instead of daydreaming about the final mounds of snow melting away and the sun staying out past 6:00 again, yo…

  • Jan 15th 2021

    Approaching a Fixer-Upper with Enthusiasm

    If you’ve recently purchased a fixer-upper, then you know projects of this magnitude can be daunting. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything on your “to-do” list, especially if this home is in…