Premium 100% RTV Silicone Sealant (Available in Multiple Colors)

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Premium 100% RTV Silicone Sealant (Available in Multiple Colors)

Our premium industrial grade 100% RTV silicone sealant is the best choice for most general construction projects. Whether you’re just working on a simple DIY project in your own home or you’re a professional contractor looking for a strong silicone sealant to assemble products, this sealant’s extreme flexibility and durability make it an efficient and affordable choice. The premium industrial grade 100% RTV silicone sealant is fluid and easy to apply but its adhesion packs a major punch, lasting for years longer than most alternatives. 


Our premium industrial grade 100% RTV silicone sealant is widely known in the industry for its ability to withstand both extremely low and extremely high temperatures, making it ideal for creating perfect seals on gaskets and for use in outdoor areas where they might be exposed to the elements, weather events, and more. 


Our silicone sealants can also be used as a superior adhesive for bonding surfaces together, making them the number one choice of manufacturers for assembling their products. For a long-lasting and efficient high-grade silicone sealant that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and in various environments, including extremely low and high temperatures, Silicone Depot’s RTV silicone sealant is the right choice for the job. 


It’s an extremely versatile product and can be used for most construction needs. However, it is not recommended for use on vinyl windows, vinyl doors, vinyl siding, vinyl or coated guttering applications, concrete, stone, brick, or most masonry work. If you need silicone sealant for masonry work or for other specialty surfaces, check out our Project 1 Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant.

  • Industrial grade
  • Your best bet for any general construction needs 
  • Versatile sealant can be used indoors or outdoors, as well as for assembling products and countless other applications
  • Holds up against the elements for use around rain, snow, and the elements
  • Extremely easy to apply thanks to its fluidity and high-quality makeup
  • Superior adhesive with strong bonding properties 
  • Comes in 10.1 oz tube or 1,2 and 5 gallon pails - you can pick up only as much silicone sealant as you need 
  • Works well on: Metal, glass, marble, tile, ceramic, porcelain, painted surfaces, non-oily woods, and rubber
  • Makes a great replacement and alternative for Dap 08641, Dow Corning 732, GE 100 Series, and more


Not Recommended for Vinyl

 safety data sheet.

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33 Reviews

  • Posted by Christopher on Mar 29th 2021


    Silicone Depot

    What a fantastic transaction. Seller is very prompt with order fulfilment and shipping. Packaging was great. I'm definitely going to be back and have already recommended Silicone depot and will continue to recommend.

  • Posted by Joe Olobor on Jan 24th 2021


    Premium 100% RTV clear

    Meet our requirements and perfect for our big project here in New York.

  • Posted by Jim Gerdel on Jan 2nd 2021


    Adhesion and service

    The service at silicone depot is the best! Always in stock and super fast shipping. I buy several different RTV products and the quality is excellent. I don’t buy from anywhere else.

  • Posted by Henry Marks on Sep 29th 2020


    Premium Industrial 100% RTV Silicone Rubber

    We use a lot of this silicone. Great price and great product.

  • Posted by Chao Ho Chen on Sep 9th 2020



    Good product

  • Posted by Malcolm A Gilbert on Jul 7th 2020


    So far so good.

    Good product.

  • Posted by Andrew Lee on Apr 27th 2020


    Best in kind

    I was looking for a plain black silicone caulk and encountered with SiliconeDepot by accident. However, I was so satisfied with the product. It worked so well. In fact I am going to order some more in volume.

  • Posted by Kim Samuelson on Apr 20th 2020


    100% rtv silicone rubber

    Very pleased. best caulk I've ever used. Talked with the the owner -- what a nice guy

  • Posted by Gary Kensler on Nov 25th 2019


    Premium 100 % RTV Silicone

    Great Product