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2018 Football Season: Catch-up

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Football season is underway all across the nation. In the United States, it’s the hallmark of fall. We place football jerseys and field goals right next the other iconic autumn visuals like changing leaves or pumpkins. Once the first kickoff has happened, everyone knows it’s time to start putting together a fall schedule. If you are looking for the current standings and projections to be able to keep up with the conversation of the NFL: click here. College? Yep.

Jump start the football season

So how do we start living it up in the fall? If you’re a football fan, the possibilities are endless. You can go to the games, of course. High school games, college games, professional games -- they’re all fun options. But even if you’re stuck watching the games from home that’s no reason not to get in on the action. There are dozens of fun party ideas to get your whole neighborhood involved in the festivities. If you’ve got other football fans in your life, then they’re probably already planning around some of the upcoming activities.

Don’t forget the Fantasy League

Everyone loves it get in on the action themselves. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a football manager, then join in a fantasy league. If your friends and coworkers aren’t doing a league, then start one yourself. They’re easy to set up and a lot of fun to do. You can play for actual money or get creative with the prizes.

See what’s happening with your teams

Most college teams have events every week. If you’re a fan of your local university’s football team, then take a look at their calendar. See what kind of tailgating or pre-game activities are scheduled. If you’re too far away to go to the parties in person, then feel free to set up your own back home. You can even set up your own version of a tailgate event right in your own backyard. Recreating the atmosphere of a tailgating party can be done anywhere.

Get a touch tournament going

If you’re feeling more boisterous, then you can get physically involved in the football season. Touch football makes for a fun neighborhood party activity. Draw up some goal lines in the park or a roomy backyard, put some music on, buy some snacks and let the good times start! (We wouldn't recommend tackle football if you're over 25.)

Put the football in the background

Football can be a long game and people enjoy it on different levels. A lot of people enjoy watching football casually by having it playing in the background while they complete other activities, only paying close attention when something eventful happens. Football games and opening ceremonies can make great background noise while you knock out some of those other fall projects.

So what should you be doing while that college game blasts in the background? There’s a lot of stuff that needs done around a home early in the fall. Fall is the last chance to prep your home for winter before the freezing temperatures set in. Activities like outdoor painting and weather stripping should be completed in the fall before the cold starts to get in the way.

How to get your home winter ready

Sundays are a great day to get some tasks done around your house. And all those people who’ve gathered in your living room to watch the game are great conscripts for assistance. So while you’re enjoying some football in the background, consider crossing some things off your list of “pre-winter tasks” as well.

Check the windows and doors

You’ll run up a painful winter heating bill if there are any leaks in the weatherstripping around your house. Heat sneaking out from the frames of doors and windows is an expensive waste of power. Check the cracks of your house and reseal them if necessary. It’s better to spend a few bucks now on some sealant than to overpay on your power bill every month for the whole winter.

Ready your gutters

Keep your house leak-safe this winter by clearing out your gutters before the slush and snow begins to fall. Get yourself a ladder and a radio to listen to the football game on then climb up and make sure there aren’t leaves or other debris clogging your gutters or drainpipe.

Inspect your roof

Working on roofs in the wintertime is difficult, so take the opportunity now to make sure your roof is winter ready. A leaky or damaged roof during the snowy season could be disastrous. Identify any necessary replacements to your roofing now and get in while the temperatures still allow it. Get some high quality sealant and take care of any problem shingles before they have a chance to combine into a problem roof.

Clean your chimney

If you still burn real fires then you need to inspect your chimney before you start using it. Blinding striking up a fire one day is a great way to accidentally flood your home with carbon monoxide. So channel your inner British orphan and get going sweeping that chimney.