4 DIY Home Projects That Are Pet Friendly

Feb 11th 2021

It is no secret that having pets can sometimes result in those home improvement projects being put off until “next weekend.” If you have some extra silicone sealant or adhesive lying around, here are some pet friendly projects that you can do in no time.

1. No-Slip Rugs

Problem: Dog owners are no stranger to the “slippery rug syndrome,” better known as the bunched up welcome mat or rug in the corner. This can make closing the door frustrating, and it allows your pet to track mud and dirt into the house. In other words? It's a big mess.

Fix: If it is a cheaper rug, all you have to do is flip the rug over, take some silicone, and apply it around the edges and in zig-zag lines 6 inches apart throughout the middle. Let this dry, and now the rug should stop sliding.

2. Cupboard Sealing

Problem: If you keep food (either yours or your pets) in kitchen cupboards, you might be susceptible to certain pests. While it might be easy to resort to insecticides to prevent infestation, certain pesticides could be toxic.

Fix: Your silicone sealant can function as a preventative pest control. All you have to do is fill in small gaps and seams throughout your kitchen. This can provide a good barrier against pests all while keeping you and your pets safe.

3. Sealing Window Cracks

Problem: Cats love windows. However, if the window is not properly sealed, their favorite perch might become infected with mold. Just as in humans, mold can be harmful to your fluffy friend.

Fix: All you need is a mold-resistant sealant and your caulking gun to protect your cat’s favorite spot. Here are some good tips for caulking your windows.

4. Pet-Wash Station

Problem: First of all, this project isn’t exactly easy. but it can certainly make a big difference. Especially when your dog gets older, it might be difficult to move them to a tub when it is time for a bath. Here is where the pet wash station comes in handy.

Fix: You have some options. You can convert a bathroom into a walk-in shower. There are certainly some sleek designs out there, but if you prefer a cheaper option you can add a pet-wash station to your mudroom. Whichever option is right for you, you will need to be sure to protect against water damage with a good silicone sealant.

No need to wait until “next weekend” for some of these home improvement ideas. Check out Silicone Depot to get started.