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​6 Home Maintenance Jobs Everyone Should Know How to Do

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Complex, large-scale home improvement usually requires you to hire a contractor or at least a handyman. But, when it comes to routine home maintenance, there are many jobs you can easily do yourself! And making this effort can save you a few bucks while offering a unique opportunity to learn a new skill and feel productive!

One more reason to consider taking on such a project yourself? The internet has made troubleshooting easier than ever before. The know-how, the tools, the materials, and the motivation are all just a click away. Here are a few jobs that are perfect for beginners.

  1. Changing an electrical socket. This job can seem intimidating because electricity can be dangerous -- but as long as you cut off the power to that outlet using your braker, this job can be just as safe as it is easy. (Moreover, the truly dangerous option would be leaving a loose socket in place!) This electrical-outlet changing guide from is a great resource for anyone looking to learn.
  2. Clearing the dryer vent. Want to improve your respiratory health while also reducing future maintenance costs on your home? Then check out this simple how-to from How Stuff Works.
  3. Simple Plumbing. Though a major leak or piping disaster certainly warrants a call to your neighborhood plumber, there are also many plumbing jobs that you can do yourself.
  4. Replacing floors and carpets. This job is a little more intensive than the others listed here but, even though it is time-consuming, it is still relatively easy in most cases. And it can save you a bundle! So if you are interested in learning, then resources such as this carpet-changing guide from the DIY Network should get you on the right track.
  5. Simple mold removal. Large-scale infestations of mold (especially dangerous mold species such as black mold) should be removed by professionals. But smaller, less-dangerous mold infestations can be removed in DIY fashion. And considering the fact that mold removal can oftentimes cost thousands of dollars, this is an option worth considering. Mold Advisor offers a reliable guide to DIY mold removal that includes information on when you should just call a pro.
  6. Sealing off floors, windows, doors, and more. With the right materials and tools, caulking is an easy and effective way of making your home more comfortable and reduce energy costs. Visit the Silicone Depot online store to shop caulk and caulk accessories today!

For more on home-maintenance projects and important construction materials, visit Silicone Depot online today!