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Best Work Boots / Shoes.

Posted by Content Cucumber on

Picking the right shoes is vital to your overall health as well as your work efficiency. Trying to do manual labor or other strenuous activities with the wrong footwear can be more than just painful, it can be dangerous. You wouldn’t try to run the Olympic mile in ballet flats, so don’t try to fix your roof in you converse sneakers. What every handyperson needs is at least one decent pair of work boots.

But there are a lot of options out there and it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Work boots are known to get a little pricey, too. So how do you know which ones you need? As a general rule, there’s a sweet spot price-wise. You don’t need to spend five hundred dollars just to get work shoes of a decent quality, but going too cheap will only result in boots not fulfilling their function and wearing out quickly. So expect to pay a hundred dollars or so for a decent pair of footwear.

As far as boot type goes, the world’s your oyster. Think of the kind of work you’re going to be doing most often and then look for boots with qualities that match those needs. Do you do a lot of work outdoors? On uneven terrain? Do you live in a very rainy area? Keep all this in mind while you decide between the follow four types of work boots.

  1. Steel toe boots

Steel toe boots have a lot of advantages. They’re designed to last a long time and protect your feet from damage while you work. Lugging around a bunch of two-by-fours for that big home improvement project? A good set of steel toe boots will protect you from the inevitable dropped planks and tools. The Caterpillar Men's Ergo Flexguard Boot is a good option if you’re in the market for a new boot with protection in mind. This leather boot is also slip-resistant for added safety and stability.

  1. Waterproof boots

If you’re going to be mucking around outdoors then you’ll want a shoe that won’t let any water seep into your socks. Waterproof work boots won’t save you if you’re trying to ford a river, obviously, but if your work sees you traipsing through the mud or you do a lot of outdoor work during the rainy season, a good waterproof boot like the Woolrich Men's Squatch Winter Boot has you covered. This boot has an added sock liner and comes in your choice of leather or suede.

  1. Shoes with good arch support

Arch support is crucial to your safety while you work, and especially so if you’re going to be clambering around or moving quickly. Outdoor work where you might be traversing uneven terrain can be especially hazardous if you don’t have boots built to protect your feet and ankles from sprains and other injuries. The Carhartt Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot is built exclusively for outdoor projects. It will protect you while you traipse around hauling building equipment and gear. This particular boot also comes with a certain degree of water resistance to protect you in all weather conditions.

  1. All-purpose boots

Perhaps you don’t have a specialty boot that you need. If you just want a decent pair of boots that will aid you in most home projects, then consider a boot that has a little bit of everything. KEEN makes a good all-purpose boot with a moderate amount of toe protection, water resistance and elemental protection. They’re also built for comfort as you’ll probably find yourself spending quite a few hours in them.

Put your boots to good use

Once you’ve selected the perfect work boot and spent some time breaking it in, you’ll want to hop right into your next project. Fall is a great time of year to knock out some of those home projects you’ve been procrastinating all year. Since temperatures aren’t usually within freezing range yet, painting outdoors and roof work are still fair game.

Many people also use the fall as a good opportunity to do some indoor work, but that’s no reason to forgo work boots. You’ll still need the proper footwear even if you don’t step foot outside since work boots are built to keep you comfortable and safe while you kneel, squat, stand and clamber up and down ladders.

Silicone Sealant

If you’re thinking of weather-proofing your doors and windows or doing other work involving sealants, consider getting pure silicone, which is usually your best bet quality-wise. Silicone can also be used to fix up old work boots if you’re not quite ready to invest in a new pair yet. You can get a whole range of silicone products from Silicone Depot whether you need enough to seal one widow or an entire roof.