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Case Study: Hush Frame by Building Component Development

Posted by Isaac Morey on

Building Component Development has been a valued Silicone Depot customer for over three years. Here’s how they use our Premium 100% RTV Silicone to create soundproofed spaces that meet and exceed acoustic code.

Meet the Customer!

Anyone who has ever dealt with a noisy neighbor is sure to appreciate the importance of Hush Frame Raft connectors, a product distributed by Boston-area LLC Building Component Development. The vision for Hush Frame is simple enough: make 21st century living more private and comfortable by minimizing the impact of ambient sounds and noise pollution.

The Challenge:

The average insulated stud wall has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 39, while building codes across the US require a minimum STC 50 in order to ensure an adequate standard of living. This leaves builders at risk of falling short of their legal obligations, while residents must put up with noises like traffic, music, or even the sound of the neighbor’s toilet flushing!

As the population grows and cities become more dense, the need for effective and cost-efficient noise reduction will continue to grow. As manager Alan Case pointed out in a recent conversation about Hush Frame, noise pollution is a universal problem that can affect single houses, multi-million dollar luxury condos, and everything in between.

How RTV Silicone Contributes to Hush Frame

In today’s high-tech world, the best solutions to problems such as noise are sometimes surprisingly simple. Hush Frame Raft connectors are built from plywood and Premium 100% RTV Silicone -- a combination that eliminated up to 80% of noise in when tested at the prestigious Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories in Geneva, Illinois. The sound-attenuating properties of silicone bog down incoming noise and cause it to dissipate in the form of heat, which never reaches the opposing surface of the assembly. In simpler terms, Hush Frame Raft connectors allow builders to achieve noise reduction levels as high as STC 66.

A few more reasons why we are proud to contribute to the Hush Frame: these raft connectors are one of the few wood-based solutions on the market; providing a much-needed noise reduction solution to builders of wood-framed multi-unit housing structures. The Hush Frame is also a durable and cost-effective solution for businesses and homeowners looking to acoustically isolate spaces such as offices, music studios, and recreational areas.

The Silicone Depot Advantage

With so many sIlicone distributors on the market, what made Hush Frame select Silicone Depot? Alan Case cited fast delivery as a key factor in this decision. Orders placed at Silicone Depot ship out within one business day, which gives customers working in dynamic industries the flexibility they need to get the job done right.

In addition to offering unparalleled turnaround times and free shipping on orders greater than $35, we also pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of high-quality silicone products suited to the needs of a diverse customer base. We love highlighting the success of our customers, so if you use Silicone Depot products and would like to be featured in an upcoming case study, please reach out to us and we will get in touch!