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Different Caulks, Different Uses

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A lot of your house needs to be caulked. Bathrooms and kitchens in particular are easily susceptible to water damage. So all sinks, tubs, and even floors will need some caulk to keep the water and other debris out. But what kind of caulk should you use? Acrylic latex, siliconized acrylic latex or pure silicone? Each type has its own uses and advantages. Deciding what to get will depend on the exact nature of your project.

Acrylic Latex

Acrylic latex sealants shouldn’t be used on sinks, bathtubs, or otherwise potentially wet places as they don’t have extreme water durability or anti-fungal properties. Acrylic latex is commonly used to caulk doorways and windows. It’s preferred for both indoor and outdoor projects of this nature because it can be easily painted over. And since unsealed doors and windows are a common cause of monstrous heating and air conditioning bills, getting some acrylic latex and a caulk gun can be well worth your time. One afternoon’s worth of do-it-yourself home improvement and you could save up to 20 percenton your energy bill.

Siliconized Acrylic Latex

Siliconized acrylic latex sealants bridge the gap between pure acrylic and pure silicone caulks. So you get some of the benefits from each end of the sealant spectrum. Siliconized acrylic latex is another good choice for windows and doors, and it also works very well for sealing small holes in your walls.It is also easily paintable and adheres more easily and to more surface types than straight acrylic latex.


Pure silicone sealants are the longest lasting type of sealant. You can get several decades out of a good silicone sealant. Silicone has an extra elastic qualityto its sealants, making it ideal for movable surfaces. For example, concrete outdoors is going to shrink and expand with the temperature. Sealing it with silicone is the best way to avoid cracking. Pure silicone is also used in kitchens and bathrooms because it has the strongest water resistance and is unlikely to grow mold.

A little planning goes a long way

Picking the wrong tube of sealant is one of the easiest mistakes to make when you’re taking on a new home project. So be sure you know what exactly you’re looking for and always read the labels. If you can wait a few days for free shipping, you’ll find some of your best silicone sealant deals online at Silicone Depot.