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Fall Projects

Posted by Brannt Faris on

Fall is here. And that means it’s just the right time to complete some projects with your Silicone Depot sealants. No longer are the days that you need a cooler of water next to you while you are working. Now, you can smell the ease in the air and get things done with a sense of relief. We have some inspiration in what things you can do in this upcoming weather. Read below:

1)Outside Fireplace

This is easily the best part of the colder months. Summer bonfires are awesome, but frankly, there is nothing quite like laying back in a lawn chair with a sweatshirt on, roasting marshmallows, and chatting with friends and family. Something special happens around fires, and fall weather gives it an extra sense of love. Building a unique fireplace in the backyard is possibly something you have always wanted to complete… it is time.

Pinterest can assist you in creating a beautiful area focused on connecting with the people closest to you. DIY has their own list of the 35 best fireplaces they’ve seen. Check it out for some inspiration. Some may be a little extraneous, but at the very minimum, you can take ideas from all of them and create a vision for one that matches the style of your home.

2) Inside Fireplace

Indoor fireplaces generally provoke a different mood than those of outdoor fireplaces. They are a bit more relaxed and thought-out to match the style of the home. Fall indicates that winter is coming, and when it is too frigid for talking in the winter weather, you can hang around an open fireplace to keep activities inside.

We recommend a subtle fireplace for the indoors. When it comes to sitting around one with family, the fire and the people should be the main attraction. An obnoxious fireplace may seem overwhelming for relaxation. We’ll let HGTV steer you in the right direction with these. Here’s some more inspiration.

3) Redo the Garage

You could get away with leaving the car outside for the summer nights. But when leaves are falling only to stick on your car, or snow begins to pile up, the family vehicle should be under a roof. If it is a little cluttered right now, chances are it is ugly too. (We hope being honest with you will give you that nudge you need!) Garages these days are scaling up to match the beauty of the interior. After all, it is the first and last thing you see when you enter / leave the house. Have you ever taken that into account? It sets a large imprint on how you feel about your home, whether you like it or not.

Look at all you can do. Save some space, create a better feeling.

4) Repair (or Build) The Deck

Most likely, summer did some damage to your deck. Fortunately, you have some time before the next one. Unfortunately, winter probably does more damage. Make sure all the boards are in good standing. It may require another layer of deck sealant to prevent from water and snow damage in these coming months. Be honest with yourself on what it may need!

And if you have not got around to building the heart of a backyard, get ‘er done for next summer. Granted, you have some time in the spring, but there is much more rain and uncertain weather that happens then. Take a look here for some ideas.

5) Work On The Roof

Snow is coming, rain is coming. We will say no more. It is time to get that roof fixed or replenished. Check out our blog piece on how our sealants are used in roofing, and maybe it will motivate you to realize the necessity of an efficient roof.

Remember, winter is coming. Fix what was damaged in the summer, and get ready for some warm nights indoors with the people you love. There is no better time to finish your to-do list, and use Silicone Depot Sealants to make the solutions last!