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How's the Shower Looking?

Posted by Sam Morey on

When you think about it, showers put up with a lot. They’re constantly being battered with hot water and steam, they never get cleaned as often as they should, and they always have to see us naked. But one thing they shouldn’t have to deal with is not getting a proper coat of sealant.

Is sealant really necessary?

Sealant is always necessary for a tile shower. Without it the grout between the tiles has no protection from the constant moisture in your bathroom and thus becomes susceptible to all kinds of mold. And the mold you see growing on your grout is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s always more lurking just beneath the surface.

So mold is obviously bad. It’s unsightly, can be dangerous to be exposed to, and it’s both difficult and expensive to deal with once it’s set in. This is where sealants come into play. Applying a good sealant to your shower before any mold starts to grow is how you get the longest lifespan out of your shower tiles.

Sealant is also what stops your shower tray from leaking a lake out onto your bathroom floor. So even if you didn’t go in for a bunch of tile and grout, you’re still going to need a high quality sealant.

Are all sealants created equal?

Not exactly. Some sealants are made from latex and some from silicone. Latex is a decent choice, but silicone has a few advantages that make it the higher end option.

Longer lifespan

Both silicone and latex sealants will wear out eventually, but silicone will last much longer. And since stripping and reapplying sealant isn’t most people’s idea of a fun Saturday afternoon, silicone is often preferred.


Silicone is permanently waterproof and won’t shrink or crack over time. So it’s guaranteed to last its expected lifespan without any surprise “injuries.” Most other sealants run the risk of surprising you with an early demise.

So when you finally decide to redo that grungy downstairs bathroom, add silicone sealant to your supply list. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

Silicone Depot can set you up with the right sealant and tools whether you’re redoing your bathroom at home or performing maintenance on a college dorm’s entire line of showers. Their shipping is fast (and frequently free!) so they’ve got all the “get it quick” benefits of going to your local home department store with the added online perks of a wider selection and cheaper prices.