Keeping Your House Warm This Winter

Nov 14th 2021

Winter is officially here, meaning it’s time to turn up the heat! Even so, depending on where you live, winter can be especially brutal. It’s important to make sure you’re detecting drafts in your home. If you haven’t taken time to repair minor damage, you could get cold very fast.

Take some time to make sure your house is ready for the winter. This can lower your utility bills and reduce energy consumption. If you do this before the coldest periods of winter, you can keep your house warm. Silicone sealant can be one of the best tools for winter preparation. By sealing cracks and holes around your home, you keep warm air in.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Did you know that you’re supposed to reverse your ceiling fans during the winter months? This can come as a surprise to many, especially since many of us associate fans with staying cool. But, by switching the direction of your ceiling fans, you push cool air upwards. Meanwhile, warm air rises, mixing with the blowing air and sending it back down towards you. This can make it feel warmer in the area of the ceiling fan.

Take Advantage of Your Curtains

Remove thin, lightly colored drapes and replace them with heavier, darker curtains. Use the sun to naturally warm up your home during the day, keeping your curtains open. Once the sun sets, close your windows again and let your curtains do the rest. The heavy material will keep warm air in. Any cold air coming through the windows will have a hard time getting into your home.

Use a Fireplace

There’s nothing like a fireplace to keep your house warm. Not only is it a great alternative to a heating system, but it can warm up an area in a very short amount of time. Granted, it’s important to evaluate your fireplace’s needs based on what kind you have. Certain fireplaces require more maintenance than others. You may not have the ability to install a fireplace at all. Electric fireplaces are an affordable and low-maintenance option for people who want an extra source of heat.

Detect Drafts

Use a candle to go around your home and look for drafts. If you notice the candle flickering or going out in a certain area, it could be a hole that needs to be sealed. By detecting drafts, you can prevent heat from leaving your home. From there, use a silicone sealant to repair the draft.

Repair Holes With Silicone Sealant

Use silicone sealant around any drafts you find. Since they’re often a result of holes or damage, a basic caulking project should be enough to fix the problem. Use caulk around cracks, weather-stripping, outlets, vents, and plumbing fixtures. Silicone sealant can keep your house warm and prevent further problems down the road. Make it a routine to seal holes around your home regularly, especially if you know of certain areas that are prone to drafts.