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Most Influential Names in Contracting Today

Posted by Sam Morey on

The housing market is a wise investment right now,and that’s a sign of overall health in the contracting and home improvement sectors. These industries are growing each year through countless innovations and big projects. The best companies have the ability to influence the entire industry around them as smaller businesses strive to copy their successful practices. You might not think about the biggest home improvement companies very often. You might not recognize the names of the world’s leading contractors. But odds are you live in or nearby one of their projects.


Here’s an example of what contracting can grow to be. Bechtel is a behemoth. They are an established global company handling project management, engineering and construction. They often see their own projects through from the initial planning phases to the final caulk job. Many of their projects have been trailblazers in their industry for environmental achievements or pure scale. And Bechtel has been awarded Engineering News-Record’s top U.S. Contractor award for two decades and counting. Here are some of their more notable projects.

Bay Area Rapid Transit System

Designed to be the world’s largest and most advanced rapid transport system. The B.A.R.T.cuts down on San Francisco’s street traffic, reduces pollution and promotes commerce. B.A.R.T. has been around for years now, and the full benefit of its presence has truly started to sink in to the San Francisco community. The American Society of Mechanical Engineershas declared it a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark.

California Valley Solar Ranch

Sustainable and renewable resources are the trend in responsible construction right now, and Bechtel wouldn’t be an industry leader if they weren’t innovating in the world of solar power and clean energy projects. The California Valley Solar Ranchis one of the largest operating solar photovoltaic power plants in the world. It supplies renewable energy to about 100,000 homes yearly.

Caval Ridge Mine Project

Stretching their global legs, the Bechtel company is responsible for this major complexin Australia. Caval Ridge is the biggest greenfield coal-mining establishment in the whole country of Australia. It was both built and designed by Bechtel. The complex is home to not just a coal mine, but a coal handling and preparation plant as well, and it has been lauded with the highest industry standards in safety and environmental standards.

The Turner Corp.

Another on Engineering News Record’s list of the top 400 contractors, the Turner Corporation has been around for over 100 years, proving that they know how to stay at the top of the industry long-term. They’ve gone from their first-ever project being a simple reinforced concrete shopto boasting nine Gold-certified buildings and completing $10 billion worth of construction each year.

Turner School of Construction Management

The Turner Corporation shows their commitment to holding their place as one of the best through their education programs. Their school programincorporates their companies strategies and integrity into its very coursework, ensuring a new generation of construction management continues the successful Turner methods. This program, while modest in size, is a step many construction companies don’t bother to take. Only true industry trailblazers are eager and able to pass their knowledge on like this.

Ulrich Inc.

The more focused end of the spectrum. Ulrich Inc. is a home remodeling company. They focus almost exclusively on reworking individual rooms, mostly kitchens and bathrooms. They’ve had a showroom in Ridgewood, New Jersey since the 1960’s and have earned a place in Qualified Remodeler’s top 500 list.

Ulrich Inc. is a community-driven company that works closely with local architects, contractors, and interior designers to complete major renovations. Their specialty is in the details. Kitchens and bathrooms are at the highest risk of being brushed over in home remodels as they are heavily detailed. So much in these rooms needs careful alignment and the perfect caulk job. What makes Ulrich Inc. unique is that they fill this niche and does so well.

How do industry leaders come to be?

How is it that an industry leader comes to be an industry leader? It’s about innovating your profession and creating authority for your company.But more than anything else, it comes from the details. Even a huge company like Bechtel can’t succeed with a shaky foundation. These are companies that always strive to improve, which is what keeps them on the cutting edge.

How do contracting businesses better their services?

With contracting and home improvement it’s all about the planning and the materials. Every company on this list, though already at the top of the industry, could benefit from using a higher grade of RTV silicone, caulking supplies and other silicone products shipped to them from an outlet like Silicone Depot.Improvement must always be the top priority for any industry leader. If they grow complacent, they’ll be overtaken by a company that isn’t.