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Every new year brings with it a chance for improvement. If 2019 is going to be your year for home improvements, then there’s no time like the present to get started. Maybe you’ve got a room in desperate need of a makeover, or perhaps you want to redecorate your entire house. Whether you’re aiming to tackle projects that are big or small, you’ll want some sage advice before you get started.

Here we’ve compiled five of the most useful websites for home improvers or people interested in the ins and outs of construction projects. These sites will help you get inspired to be creative with your projects and give you solid instructions on completing your home improvements properly.

We can’t all be experts in everything, which means that eventually a home improvement job will be too arduous or too difficult for us average people to commit to doing. That’s when contractors come into the equations. A good home contractor can make your home renovations a fun and exciting time. A bad home contractor can quickly turn them into a nightmare. That’s where sites like Porch come in to save the day. They’ll hook you up with the perfect contractor for each kind of job, removing the worry and stress from your shoulders.

A lot of people don’t properly vet home contractors before entering into a working relationship. The ominous threat of a civil lawsuit, they think, will be enough to keep any contractor from being less than honest. But suing your home contractor is more difficult than people assume and quite often leads to nothing but more headaches. It’s better to take the time at the beginning to find a high quality contractor from the get go than to try to course correct midway through adding a whole new room to your house.

DIY Network

Whether you’re interested in finally tackling that bathroom renovation or just looking for an excuse to buy that blowtorch you’ve been coveting, this site has got you covered--and on a budget! DIY Network is all about how to get the dream home you’ve always wanted at a cost that’s doable for you. They’ve got money-saving tips for every project, from the big “we’re going to have to knock out a wall to do that” renovations to the smaller decorating projects. This site is a great resource for the creatives out their who look at their walls and see an empty canvas, ready to become a one of a kind art piece.

Construct Connect

This site does a great job of breaking down the jargon of the construction industry and putting it in easily understood terms. It’s a great resource for keeping up on the latest in both residential and professional construction.

A lot of the information on this site is industry-specific. There are plenty of graphs tracking population statistics and charts marking construction trends by area and time. But you’ll also find plenty of inspiration for renovations of your own by checking out their less serious blog posts. Construct Connect has a great time tracking down the coolest buildings around and explaining just what about their architecture makes them so great.

Vintage Revivals

This one’s a blog. It’s basically one woman recounting all the zany, inspired home improvement and decorating projects she can come up with. Everything’s written in a friendly, approachable tone with detailed, easy-to-understand instructions on how to achieve any desired look. A lot of the projects focus on how to create unique room designs and decorate with reclaimed, second-hand materials. This isn’t the place for people who want to design cookie-cutter homes.

This site is much less professional and formal than other home improvement websites. Following Vintage Revivals is like having that really handy friend who knows all the ins and outs of home improvement and is always willing to toss you some tips. Sometimes that’s all you really need.

Extreme How-To

This website is a gold mine of information on everything from maintaining your automobile to planning the perfect accent wall. Painting, plumbing, home security--you name it and Extreme How-To has a section devoted to it. Here you’ll find product reviews as well as video tutorials to help you pull off your next home project.

Extreme How-To has a little bit of everything. Looking to properly care for your lawn this winter? They’ve got a page for that. Curious about installing one of those “living roofs”? They’ve got all the information you’ll need. If you’ve had trouble finding any information on your specific home project, check this site out because they’ve probably got an entire section dedicated to it.

They’ve even got a whole section devoted to quick, two-day projects you can hammer out in a weekend!

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