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New Year, New Trends

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Your home environment can influence everything from your productivity to your comfort levels and ability to relax. With the amount of time you spend at home, it is important to make sure you create a welcoming environment that you will enjoy every day. If your home could use some revamping, it might be time for you to take on some home improvement projects.

The new year is the perfect time to create a new look for your home. Whether you have been thinking about remodeling your kitchen or just switching out some light fixtures, a few changes can drastically improve the aesthetics of your home.

Although it may be tempting to overhaul your entire home, you need to take your time and come up with a plan that will not only make you happy, but will also keep up with current styles and help your home sell in the future. Before you tackle any new projects, consider these home improvement trends that are sure to be popular in 2019:

Kitchen Trends

As 2019 approaches, there are several new kitchen trends that you will want to keep in mind if you are considering a kitchen remodel. Dark kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many ways you can make changes in your kitchen in order to accomodate this trend. Here are a few ways you can keep your kitchen up-to-date in the new year:

Navy Blue Cabinets

Now is a great time to explore different colors for your kitchen cabinets. Navy blue cabinets are a great choice because of their growing popularity, practicality, and timelessness. Navy blue cabinets are still a neutral color, so they will go well with a number of different colors, countertop materials, and finishes. Adding navy blue cabinets is a great way to embrace a darker kitchen without sacrificing color, and this new style is going to become even more popular in 2019.

Open Concept

If your kitchen is still separate from your living room and other areas of your house, it might be time to take down a few walls. An open concept kitchen will allow you to have a bright space that flows into other rooms, promoting connection and getting rid of outdated, isolated layouts. An open concept kitchen can help increase your home’s value while encouraging social interactions within your home, so this trend is one that is here to stay.

Minimalist Shelving

Get rid of some of your upper cabinets this year in favor of open shelving. Not only is open shelving more practical, but it also gives your home the appearance of having a larger, more spacious kitchen. This upcoming year, expect to see more homeowners utilizing open shelving in their kitchens.

Concealed and Metal Range Hoods

With open shelving trends continuing to take over, your kitchen’s range hood will stand out in the absence of upper cabinetry. Bold metal sheeting covers like copper are a great way to make the range a focal point in your open kitchen.

If your kitchen is smaller or you would prefer your range hood to blend in so that other areas in your kitchen draw attention, try creating a minimalist, concealed cover for your hood. This will help any colored cabinetry you have or the items on your open shelving to stand out.

Bathroom Trends

Another way to give your home a brand new look without completely redoing your home is to renovate your bathroom. 2019 is ushering in new bathroom design trends that you will not want to miss. Here are some bathroom renovation ideas you should look out for in the upcoming year:


Concrete is stylish, durable, and easy to clean, making it a great choice for bathrooms. Contrary to what many people think, concrete is not a drab, lifeless material. Concrete is highly customizable, allowing you to integrate different designs, accents, and accessories to fit your personal style.Try incorporating concrete flooring, countertops, or concrete sinks into your bathroom this year.

Open Storage

Similar to the growing kitchen trend, open shelving and storage is a trend that will make your bathroom look great while increasing your access to your toiletries and other bathroom essentials. Open storage can also help promote another growing trend: exposed hardware and piping. In 2019, keep an eye out for bathrooms that utilize hanging shelves, storage ledges, and other open storage areas instead of bulky, cluttered, bathroom cabinets.

Suspended Mirrors

Suspended mirrors are the perfect addition to minimalist bathrooms. Even more impressive, they help maximize the space in smaller bathrooms. Because they are not attached to a wall, they also make room for more open shelving or accessories. Stylish and contemporary, these mirrors are customizable, and they can help you add a personal touch to your bathroom this new year. Try incorporating a uniquely shaped, suspended mirror into your bathroom.

As you consider implementing many of these renovations, you also need to consider the tools and materials you are going to need to make these changes happen. Visit Silicone Depot to purchase bulk silicone products to help you make your latest home improvement project a success.