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Our Home, Bloomington

Posted by Sam Morey on

Bloomington is the most beautiful city in the Midwest. (There's no debate, in our minds!) We are proud to be part of a city that fosters flourishing culture, numerous small businesses, a renowned university, and breathtaking state parks.

Nicknamed “The Gateway to Scenic Southern Indiana,” Bloomington consistently ranks among the most stunning cities in the Midwest in magazines both local and international...while the Indiana University campus at Bloomington frequently tops lists of America’s most beautiful campuses.

Small Businesses in Bloomington

Bloomington has been ranked by Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine as one of America’s best places for starting a small business as well as one of the best small cities for entrepreneurs. It’s absolutely true; we know first-hand! Small businesses prosper in Bloomington because of the friendly local government and loyalty that Bloomington residents pride themselves in. A range of diversity in people and backgrounds is evident with one quick glance at the city.

The social scene in Bloomington thrives thanks to both students and “townies." The city boasts over 100 restaurants in the downtown area that cater to every craving, from spicy Thai to French cafes to Kilroys bars to local burger places. There’s also a very active food truck scene that runs into the early mornings for anyone craving street tacos or toasty grilled cheeses. In addition to the restaurants and food, there are also plenty of wineries, distilleries, and breweries.

Nightly, establishments have live music or other entertainment, courtesy of local talent and students from the University. Bluebird Bar has become a lucky charm for many famous artists such as John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many more. The lights downtown almost never stop—it’s the small city that never sleeps.

Indiana University

One of Bloomington’s greatest attractions is Indiana University. IU Bloomington was founded 4 years after Indiana became a state in 1916. The city has grown with it. Now, IUB has almost 50,000 students who study in some of America’s top programs and call Bloomington their home.

The IUB campus itself is a gorgeous attraction on its own, with dense trees that mimic the natural forests that surround the city. The River Jordan runs through the campus and takes students and guests through delicate gardens, striking artwork, and historical monuments on campus. Among these monuments is the Indiana Memorial Union, a student hub with restaurants and dining rooms, ballrooms, the campus bookstore, a hotel, and even a bowling alley. The campus is also home to the Eskenazi Museum of Art which has a collection over 45,000 pieces that range from Ancient Greek pottery to the abstract expressionist work of Jackson Pollack. There are many spots on campus that are must-see places for any visitor. It’s easy to get spend an entire afternoon touring the old limestone buildings and the sprawling grounds. The Sample Gates welcome you with open arms.

IU Sports are HUGE in Bloomington. The Indiana Hoosiers are in the Big 10 Conference and are Division I of the NCAA. The Hoosier’s Men’s Basketball boasts one of the most storied and promoted valuable collegiate basketball teams in the country… ever seen the movie Hoosiers? That’s us! The movie Breaking Away? That’s us!... Our Little 500 week is renowned as the greatest party week in America; it celebrates an extremely competitive bike race between organizations on campus. Not to mention, we also have one of the best (if not the best) soccer programs in the country, as well as one of the best baseball program.

IU is home to world-renowned performing arts schools that frequently host concerts, plays, musicals, ballets, and operas to fit every musical taste. There is nearly an event every night for visitors to enjoy top-quality performances and admire the talent of IU students.

Beyond Downtown

One of the best-hidden secrets of Bloomington is what’s happening outside the downtown and campus areas. Life gets a little quieter as one moves farther away but definitely no less beautiful or interesting. Griffy Lake and Lake Monroe reside on opposite sides of town and are wonderful excursions for anyone looking for quiet boating and fishing on the water.

Bloomington is also surrounded by hiking trails. Outdoorsmen and new hikers can visit the Cedar Bluff’s Nature Preserve, the Charles C Deam Wilderness, as well as the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve and many others. Each trail has unique qualities that entice new visitors every year and create memorable experiences for everyone. You can also rent a bicycle and ride along the famous B-Line Trail, which extends through 3 miles of town with an optional 2 mile extension at the Bloomington Rail Trail, or the Clear Creek Trail.

(Bloomington native secret: if you’ve ever seen the Academy Award-winning movie “Breaking Away” with Dennis Quaid, the beautiful quarry in the film is about 200 yards from our office…shhh!)

Bloomington is truly a one-of-a-kind place that everyone can enjoy for the excellent food, entertainment, and outdoor excursions. Check out for specific places and more details of what’s happening in this amazing city.