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Packaging Types And Why They Matter

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One of the most common and destructive mistakes made when applying silicone is also one of the easiest to avoid. Many people think that applying silicone without a silicone gun would be simple; how difficult could squeezing the product straight from the cartridge be, after all?

Unfortunately, most silicone packaging simply isn't designed for this and using alternative methods simply won´t match the dispensing quality of a regular silicone gun. An even flow, precise control, and a smooth look can be surprisingly difficult to achieve without a caulking gun. Even if you can achieve a decent-quality application, it will probably take a lot longer than it would with a standard silicone dispenser.

One last reason to invest in a caulking gun? Silicone dispensers are much more affordable than you think! Here at Silicone Depot, for example, we offer standard caulk guns for as little as $4.59 and heavy-duty industrial caulking guns for as little as $6.55!

How to Apply SIlicone Sealant Without a Caulking gun:

If you came here because you Google or Bing searched something like "how to apply silicone sealant without a caulking gun," then there is a good chance that you already have silicone sealant that you need to lay urgently. So if purchasing a caulking gun simply isn't an option, then here is what you can do:

  • Cut one tip off the tube of silicone, ideally creating an opening of between ⅛ and ¼ of an inch. Alternatively, attach a dispensing nozzle to the opening of the silicone tube.
  • Hold the silicone container with two hands -- one near the opening, and one at the rear. Squeeze the tube from the rear, moving your hand from the back toward the front in a single, steady motion.
  • Push down on the already-dispensed silicone as you move.
  • Smooth over the dispensed silicone with a finger but if and only if you have access to silicone/rubber gloves! Touching silicone with your bare hands creates a risk for mold growth later on.

Alternatively, Silicone Depot offers a silicone product that doesn't require a gun! Check out Flex Shot! The pressurized can makes guns unnecessary! 

Check out our caulking guns, nozzle tubes, and other silicone accessories! Visit Silicone Depot online today to shop for these items and much more!