Product Feature: Expanding Foam Sealant

Product Feature: Expanding Foam Sealant

Published by Content Cucumber on Apr 15th 2019

Dear wasps:

We’re sorry.

It’s a hard life, being a wasp. No one ever seems to want you around, especially at picnics, and it’s hard to stand out when every other wasp is wearing the same outfit as you. Bees are cuter and more popular than you are, and they can really steal all the glory. We know you’ve got problems of your own, and you don’t need us adding to them.

That said, we’re sorry for the hard time our expanding foam sealant has given you. We are well aware that you, wasps, have invested a lot of time and effort into finding every nook and cranny available in the human house, with plans to turn all those tiny spaces into thriving wasps’ nests. We applaud your entrepreneurial spirit, and we can’t fault your real estate instincts. It’s a shame that so many people who are now using our expanding foam sealant to fill in those holes are missing out on the chance to have dozens of wasps living in their rain gutters, crawl spaces, and overhangs. We know that wasps can really bring the party, and we’re sorry that you’re being denied the chance to buzz around with humans.

Ever since people have started using our expanding foam sealant, those spaces have been disappearing. It must be very frustrating. If you’re waiting for the sealant to get wet or fall apart in hope that you might be able to fit into that gap after all, I’m afraid we have some bad news for you. Our sealant is very strong, and it doesn’t wick or hold moisture like other foam sealants you might have seen. If you’re waiting to get through the sealant, you’re going to be waiting a very, very long time. We are aware that you probably weren’t prepared for this news, and please, again, accept our apologies.

Perhaps you’re used to seeing messy smears of foam spread around the area where sealant has been used. Unfortunately, our sealant comes with an applicator nozzle. You won’t see a foamy mess around the area to warn you what’s happened--because our foam can be placed so precisely, you won’t know it’s there until you’re right on top of it. This might lead to some disappointment and ruined expectations for you, wasps, but you have to admit that it looks very nice and neat.

If it makes you feel any better, wasps, we aren’t targeting you personally. Our sealant keeps all kinds of insects out of human homes, from spiders to termites. You aren’t the only insect that has found our foam impossible to get through. This particular foam can also repel water and drafts, so it’s not all about you, wasps. This sealant is a great way to fill unattractive cracks, holes, and gaps in any kind of substance, both inside and outside. Also please keep in mind that people don’t like having cracks, chips, and holes in their property whether or not any wasps were checking out that particular real estate, so maybe you shouldn’t be so self-centered.

It might not be any particular comfort for you, but humans love our foam sealant. It strengthens houses, and makes projects easier. It can even serve as an effective form of insulation. It’s neat, user-friendly, and affordable. In short, it’s an all around easy tool for people to use that has powerful, long-lasting effects, and can make home projects much easier and more manageable.

If you reading this are a wasp, we would like to apologize. Specifically, we want to apologize for just how effective our expanding foam sealant is. It’s tough, long-lasting and durable. It dries quickly, and repels water and moisture. Worst of all, it can fill the holes and cracks that might make a perfect wasp nest, and it fills them so tightly that there’s no way in. Especially during the spring, when so many wasps are looking for homes, this is understandably upsetting. It’s not an easy thing for a wasp to deal with, and we understand if it just makes you want to give up.

If you happen to be a human reading this, and you think some of the benefits of our expanding foam sealant might be just what you’re looking for, let us recommend Silicone Depot. We offer all kinds of sealants, adhesives, and caulking to help in your next home project. We place a very high value our customers, and we want to help you with your projects as much as possible. If you want friendly, professional help as well as a product that will get the job done, last for a long time, and maybe even keep the wasps away, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed (but your local wasps might).


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