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Product Feature: Neutral Cure

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Silicone is one of the best substances to use for caulking and sealing. It has a wide range of temperature resistance and holds strong for years. It’s safe for most surfaces and is easy to use. However, not all silicones are created equal, even the high quality ones. There are different kinds of silicone sealants. Most products are acetoxy curing, and that works wonderfully for many projects, but not all of them.

So before you start in on that next home improvement project, take a second to analyze the materials you’ll be sealing up. Then decide exactly which kind of silicone sealant you want to stock up on. Sometimes you may want to reach for a tube of Neutral Cure sealant, instead.

What is Neutral Cure?

Neutral cure is one of your many options for caulking and sealing in and around your home. As the name implies, its curing process is neither acidic nor basic. Just like other silicone sealants, no extra steps are necessary to complete the curing process. But Neutral Cure uses a different natural process than our acetoxy curing sealants, Premium and Pro Grade RTV. The result is a product that cures without producing a strong, acidic scent. This makes Neutral Cure the preferred option for jobs that take place in enclosed areas.

Neutral Cure is a good parallel to acetoxy curing silicone, neither better nor worse. It has specific uses where it outshines other silicone sealants. It is particularly useful on the following surfaces:

Bare metals


Gel-coated surfaces

Vulcanized rubber

Non-oily woods







Painted surfaces

When is Neutral Cure better?

There is no one ideal sealant. Different jobs will require different sealants. While acetoxy caulks like our Premium or Pro Grade RTV are more cost effective and faster to cure, some situations call for a specific sealant.

Neutral Cure is going to save the day for most outdoor applications. While it takes longer to cure than acetoxy sealants, it has even stronger weatherproofing qualities and is ideal for the unusual surfaces you’re likely to be working with. Neutral cure releases a non-acidic substance while curing (unlike acetoxy caulks which release acetic acid). This is less likely to damage sensitive surfaces and substrates. For example, neutral cure is gentle enough not to discolor natural stone or corrode any metals.

So while Premium or Pro Grade sealant is at home in kitchens and bathrooms, Neutral Cure is ideal for other projects involving potentially more sensitive materials. Keep the acetoxy cure silicone indoors, and let the Neutral Cure silicone handle your outdoor needs!

Kitchen countertops

Of course there are still some indoor uses for Neutral Cure, even in the kitchen or bathroom where acetoxy sealant usually rules supreme. Neutral Cure may be a safer bet for those expensive granite countertops or vinyl windows. Plus, Neutral Cure is odorless, making it less of a headache to work with indoors than some of its counterparts.

Metal and glass

Replacing windows is an expensive business, so much so that people frequently go into debt to do it! So when you’re sealing up glass or metal surfaces, Neutral Cure is your safest option. It’s non-corrosive properties won’t hurt your window materials. The last thing your weekend DIY project needs is to turn into a phone call to a glass replacement company.

Assembly manufacturing

Neutral Cure silicone sealant is useful for more than just small home improvement projects. Its superior adhesion and extreme temperature and UV resistance make it the idea product for assembly manufacturing options. With Neutral Cure sealant, the hold is strong and it lasts long. The inherent flexibility of silicone is present in Neutral Cure, as well, giving about 25 percent movement while still holding tight.

Neutral Cure tips

Neutral Cure will take a bit longer to fully cure than our Premium or Pro Grade sealants, so make sure you’ve set aside enough time between caulking and when you need to have full use of your facilities again.

Neutral Cure silicone also cannot be painted on, but it will adhere easily to most painted surfaces. So if you’re caulking a project that requires paint, be sure you’ve applied all coats and let them dry before using Neutral Cure silicone. This way, the entire surface will be painted and you won’t have any gaps or edges missing their color. Neutral Cure is available in clear, white, black, and medium gray to match with any paint job.

Pre-test any questionable applications before using Neutral Cure to determine its suitability.

Store unopened silicone in a cool, dry area for maximum shelf life.

You’re only as competent as the tools you use. Forget worrying about call-backs or subpar results, pick the right materials for the job and get it done perfectly the first time!

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