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Product Feature: Premium RTV

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RTV stands for “room temperature vulcanizing.” And no, that’s got nothing to do with villians from Star Trek. Vulcanization is the chemical process of hardening rubber. Originally, it referred to treating natural rubber with sulfur. But with the advent of synthetic rubbers, other processes exist, one of which is room temperature vulcanization.

Most sealants used indoors are either made of RTV sealant or contain it. Premium RTV is 100 percent silicone sealant. Its versatile and dependable nature makes it the perfect product for a variety of projects and uses.

Advantages of RTV silicone

Why consider RTV silicone in the first place? There are several kinds of sealants on the market, such as those made from polyurethane, but pure silicone has several advantages over them:

  1. Stability

Silicone sealants do not greatly shrink or expand, regardless of their environment. They provide a good level of tension and a favorable hardness, which makes them ideal for construction.

  1. Resilient

Silicone can withstand very high and very low temperatures. It is water resistant, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, where water exposure is all but inevitable. Silicone is also unlikely to grow or facilitate mold, another common bathroom occurrence.

  1. Light viscosity

Silicone flows well, allowing for even applications. However, the sealant will still dry to the desirable level of hardness.

  1. Lifespan

Silicone products typically outlast similar caulks and sealants by years, saving time and money.

Home construction

RTV silicone sealant usually finds its home in household construction projects, particularly bathrooms and kitchens, where there are a lot of surfaces that need watertight seals. Silicone is a mold resistant and water resistant sealant that holds its shape well and lasts for years longer than most other sealants. This makes it the ideal choice for just about any remodeling project. New countertops, tile, or sink fixtures can all benefit from RTV sealant.

RTV sealant also has the advantage of curing at room temperature, making its application very easy for both professionals and DIYers. No additional curing agent needs to be added to the seal job, making cleanup easy and cutting down on work time overall.

Premium RTV sealant comes in an easy-to-use application tube with a resealable tip, perfect for laying even beads across multiple surfaces. Premium RTV sealant comes in multiple colors, letting your creativity shine through as you get the perfect match for your kitchen or bathroom. Each of the following colors can make the perfect accent to a construction project.



Almond (colonial white)



Premium RTV sealant utilizes an acetoxy curing process, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications. Acetoxy curing is faster and more cost-effective than neutral curing products, allowing your new sink or bathtub to be up and running as soon as possible.

Industrial applications

RTV silicone sealant makes the world go around, quite literally. From airplanes to spaceships to consumer grade electronics, chances are at least one piece of any working machine is held together with RTV silicone.

That jet passing overhead? It’s probably full of cockpit instruments sealed with silicone. The engine gasketing and electronics potting are also likely to be held together with a silicone sealant. Silicone is an amazingly versatile substance, and our Premium RTV is the best of an already fantastic product.


RTV silicone can also be used as a connection material. The combination of RTV silicone’s adhesive properties and rubber properties allows the material to form a gasket-like seal and “glue” certain objects together. RTV sealant can be used to adhere countertops to their counters and can even be used on gaskets. Special, high temperature silicone sealants may be used in vehicle engines and other areas that experience high levels of heat.

Other applications

RTV silicone is perfect for crafting molds. Its transformation from a jelly-like substance to a hardened rubber allows for easy application and removal of the molded object is also fairly easy, with the silicone mold having just enough give to safely extract the object while still retaining its identical shape.

RTV silicone can easily be used to cast materials like wax, low melt metals and alloys, resins (such as urethane, epoxy or polyester) and gypsum. Best of all, no release agent is required. RTV silicone rubber is excellent at catching fine details and is often used for industrial and artistic casting. Everything from furniture and sculptures to prototypes and architectural pieces can be cast with RTV silicone.

Silicone sealant can also replace wood glue, paper glue, and pastes for many crafting projects. Unlike water-based adhesives, silicone sealant does not shrink as it dries; it maintains its translucence. Silicone does not emit any harmful chemicals or fumes and is generally safe to work with, though it can be tricky to remove from clothing.

For more news on the wonderful premium RTV, visit Silicone Depot.