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Product Feature: Xtreme Gasket Maker

Posted by Content Cucumber on

Your automobile is made up of a lot of moving parts. The smallest leak or hint of damage can leave you late for work, desperately calling AAA on the side of the road. Gaskets, although small compared to other parts of your engine, are absolutely vital to keeping everything in working order.

Automotive gaskets are mechanical seals. They fill the gaps between two separate components and prevent leaks that may otherwise occur during compression. Gaskets can be made from a large range of materials, including rubber, silicone, fiberglass, metal, gasket paper, and plastic polymer. These little miracle workers are made to handle different compressive loads, from low to high.

There are dozens of different gasket types, from standard ones to custom-cut. But no matter their application, something has to be there to keep them safely in place, and that is where sealant comes into play. Xtreme Gasket RTV gasket maker is the perfect material to keep your gaskets reliable, or even replace a few of them.


So where can you lay down some Xtreme Gasket RTV? The answer is almost anywhere you see a gasket. Xtreme Gasket RTV can handle many different surfaces and materials. Its silicone base is both resilient and reliable, allowing it to adhere to most surfaces, regardless of temperature or texture.

Oil pans

Water pumps

(Don’t worry, it’s water-resistant).

Thermostat housings

Valve covers

Transmission pans

Oil pans

Exhaust manifolds

Or even oven doors!

Benefits of Xtreme Gasket RTV

There are countless makers and sealants on the market. What sets Xtreme Gasket RTV apart from the rest of the pack? Its reliability, high quality and numerous benefits make Xtreme Gasket RTV the top choice for automobile applications. Some of these benefits include:

Low shrinkage

Water-based products have a bad habit of shrinking. And a shrinking gasket is probably the last thing your engine needs. Luckily, all our products, including Xtreme Gasket RTV, are made with silicone, which is known for its incredibly low shrinkage rate. Xtreme Gasket RTV will dry and cure, all the while maintaining its original shape and size.

Chemical resistance

What’s a car engine if not a big ball of moving chemicals? Oil, gas, diesel, the list goes on. Xtreme Gasket RTV is resistant to all the automotive chemicals likely to find their way in and around your engine (and it’s water resistant, too) so none of your gasket seals will start wearing away over time.

Temperature resistance

Engines get hot. Silicone naturally has a high heat resistance, but Xtreme Gasket RTV goes even further. It’s built to withstand the constant high heat levels of your vehicle’s engine without sustaining damage.

Excellent adhesions and flexibility

A little bit of movement is good, but you also need your gasket maker to stick. Xtreme Gasket RTV is the perfect combination of both.

Non toxic

Xtreme Gasket RTV is non-toxic when used properly. Excess product can be safely washed off of hands or clothing with no ill-effects.

Non flammable

Given the high temperatures that Xtreme Gasket RTV comes into contact with, you can bet it’s designed to withstand the combustion of your engine without igniting.

Easy to use

Xtreme Gasket RTV comes in an easy-to-apply tube with an applicator that can be cut to whichever bead width works best for you. After all, you’re not buying your own gasket maker just to end up calling an auto body shop for help anyway. Xtreme Gasket RTV can be safely and easily used by auto mechanics and average Joes.

Sensor safe

Cars have come a long way since the 19th century. Modern cars are chock-full of sensors and other sensitive electronic parts that can be a major pain to repair or replace if damaged. Xtreme Gasket RTV is sensor-safe. So no worries about using it on your O2 sensor.


With Xtreme Gasket RTV, less is more. The exact bead length may vary from project to project, but usually something around ⅛” is ideal. After applying an even coat, give the material an hour to dry, and a full day to cure. Humidity and temperature can affect the drying and curing rates so keep that in mind if you live in an extreme climate.

The RTV part of Xtreme Gasket RTV stands for “room temperature vulcanization,” which means that the sealant will dry and cure on its own once it comes into contact with the air. No additional curatives are necessary. Simply apply and let sit!

No gasket, no problem

Xtreme Gasket RTV has you covered! This stuff doubles as a gasket maker or dressing. Most cut gaskets can be easily replaced with Xtreme Gasket RTV and all others can be easily coated to make them stronger and more reliable.

Xtreme Gasket RTV replaces cut gaskets with trustworthy, “formed in place” gaskets. These gasket replacements are resistant to problems like migration, shrinkage and cracking, making Xtreme Gasket RTV a must-have shop supply.

For more information, feel free to browse Silicone Depot.