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Sealant Looking Funky?

Posted by Isaac Morey on

Discolored sealants aren’t nearly as fun as bass guitars and 70’s outfits. Here are a few common cause of discolored sealants.

- Exposure to chemicals or vapors while still curing, i.e. paint fumes or cigarette smoke. Be sure to allow silicone to cure thoroughly before exposing it to foreign substances.

- Exposure to bituminous materials, such as certain floor tiles. Use neutral cure silicone, not acetoxy, if you will be working near bituminous materials.

- Years of accumulated exposure to humidity can cause mold or rust. Buying a mold-resistant silicone can help your silicone last longer.

Last but not least: remember that if you have to replace silicone sealant next weekend, putting some jams on the radio helps the job go a lot quicker!