Sealing Windows!

Sealing Windows!

Published by Content Cucumber on May 11th 2019

With the weather heating up, keeping your home cool could mean the difference between summertime bliss with family and friends and uncomfortably sweating away the days and nights. Having your home properly sealed for warmer weather in about more than keeping your family comfortable, however. It saves you money, helps keep your home durable, and can add years to your door and windows.

Air Leakage

Because homes contract in the cold air of winter and expand in the heat of summer, cracks can occur even in the most well maintained of abodes. Testing for air leakage can be done in a number of ways, but being able to identify and correct these will help keep your home cool and comfortable when the mercury begins to rise. These leaks can be sealed with weather stripping or caulk; however, silicon sealant is often preferred due to its durability, elasticity, and ability to adhere to multiple surfaces.

While sealing doors and windows is crucial, it’s important to be aware of the larger holes that may exist in your home. Naturally, more air will come into your home through larger gaps than small. Substantial spaces created by vents, chimney flue, or repair can render even the most tightly sealed windows and doors moot.

Healthier Indoor Environment

As it warms up, the air becomes less dense preventing it from entering your home. Combining that with moisture intrusion can make for an uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy environment as air will not circulate the way it should. If your home is in an area known for humidity or excessive rainfall, moisture intrusion can lead to mold which can exist for years before being found. Mold, particularly black mold, can be toxic leading to potentially serious health issues.

Due to its resistance to moisture, chemicals, and weathering, silicone sealant is commonly used when fixing those areas in a home which need securing from outside elements. Additionally, since silicone has the capacity to withstand high temperatures and electricity, it is a popular choice both in and out of the home. This long-lasting impact keeps your home safe and happy for many years, no matter the weather.

Improved Durability

The many qualities listed above are just the beginning of what makes silicone sealant widely used in home construction and maintenance. Silicone sealants versatility and capacity to be used on most household surfaces including plastic, wood, glass, and ceramic. This wide range of possible applications combined with durability makes silicone used for purposes beyond the home including auto repairs and maritime applications.

Strong, durable, and able to adjust with your home as weather changes over the course of many years, silicone sealant will help keep your home comfortable and cool all summer long.

Money Saved

With all your sealing needs addressed, your HVAC system is now free to function freely and efficiently without disruption from outside elements. This leads to increased savings putting more money in your pocket for all those fun summertime activities you and your family enjoy. Keeping the cool air in and warm air out also increases comfort both day and night.

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