Signs of Water Damage to Look Out For

Feb 27th 2021

Property damage from water leaks is the third major cause of home loss in the United States. According to Bankrate, water damage alone cost insurance companies more than $8 billion in property losses in 2017. The AIA (American Insurance Association) has also noted that water damage claims have increased over the last few years. Fortunately, you can easily prevent these accidents by recognizing the signs of water damage and have the problem fixed as early as possible before the water causes extensive damage.

3 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

Any experienced water damage professional will tell you for free that the most important thing in determining the cost and extent of water damage is how quickly you spot the water damage and have it fixed. If you suspect water damage in your home, look out for these signs:

1. Sudden change in your walls, ceilings, and floor

Although changes in your walls, ceilings, and floor may signify water damage, most homeowners take the structural elements of their homes for granted. When cleaning the floor, do you actually look at it? Even when you look at it every day, it may be difficult to note the slow changes.

The early warning signs of water damage to walls and ceilings are often obvious. You might see bubbling and peeling paint or wallpaper. After some time, the wallpaper might swell and warp. In some severe situations, the walls and ceilings can feel spongy.

2. Mold or visible stains

Mold and stains are another obvious sign of water damage. Stains can develop when there are slow and consistent leaks. On the other hand, mold can appear in areas that are consistently damp. Water stains are often yellowish-brown in color, and they increase in irregular shapes from the main source of the leak.

When there is persistent moisture, mold may appear. While mold is often black, it may also appear in blue, grey and green colors. It is often fuzzy and can grow under carpeting, in ceilings, walls, and behind the bathroom tiles.

3.Musty odors

You can also tell there is water damage if there is a smell similar to wet cardboard or newspaper. The smell is strongest near the source of water damage. When you notice a musty smell in your home, inspect the area and check for other signs of water damage like mold and stains.

Areas Where Water Leakage May Occur

In the basement: Water damage in the basement can come from a washing machine overflow, a leaking water heater, or a foundation leak. This damage can destroy flooring, storage items, and drywall.

In the attic: Water damage also occurs in the attic, especially near the roof vents and the chimney.

Leak-Proof Your Home

The first step to thoroughly leak-proof your home is to caulk all doors, roof flashings, windows, vents, and other areas. Proceed to seal both the inside and outside cracks and pipe openings with caulk. For the best caulking products, visit Silicone Depot today, or call an experienced sealant professional at (812)-824-8000.