Summer Solutions

Summer Solutions

Published by Content Cucumber on May 11th 2019

Summer is almost here, and the more prepared you are in advance, the more time you’ll have to kick back and enjoy the summer sun when it comes! Don’t be afraid to go outside and get your hands dirty with some of these do-it-yourself projects. With so many handy tools available, it’s easier than ever to gain that feeling of satisfaction that comes from having completed a project with your own two hands.

1.Fix the deck (and the lawn furniture that goes on top of it!)

If you have a porch or deck, take a good look at it. Does it have cracks, splinters, or crevices for wasps and other unwanted insect guests? If you repair those now, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting scratched, splintered, or stung in the future. Consider varnishing your wooden deck to brighten up the color and smooth the wood. If you have smaller cracks or crannies that you want to have filled, there is a variety of caulking materials and tools that could be a great fit for the job.

Similarly, if you have lawn furniture that didn’t winter very well, now is a great time to spruce it up. Clean off the cobwebs, grease those squeaky hinges, and smooth any rough or splintered areas. You’ll be having barbeques in the backyard before you know it!

2. Do some car repairs

You don’t have to be a mechanic to do a little upkeep on your car. The warmer weather of late spring and early summer makes it much easier to clean both the inside and the outside of your car, and having a clean car make a ride that much more enjoyable. Beyond that, it’s always a good idea to get your tires rotated or schedule an oil change if you need one.

If you’ve been hearing any strange noises over the winter, get them checked out now, and double check that you’ve swapped out your snow tires. If you have any cracks or damaged siding on your car, the damages might be easier to fix than you imagine. Depending on which part of the car you’re intending to repair, all you need beyond a little elbow grease is a type of sealant specific to the surface you’re repairing.

3. Check the windows

Window frames, especially wooden ones, can really take a beating in the winter. Snow, ice, and water damage can all add up to equal rotting or warped frames, which often lead to leaks. Don’t let your temperature controlled air escape this summer! Instead, check your window frames for damages, and get them repaired, whether professionally or by hand. A strong sealant can repair those cracks and keep you cool. It’ll save you money and help you keep your house at the temperature you like over the hottest months. This is also a great time to clean out the dead bugs, dirt, and crumbled leaves that often collects in the window runners.

Having those runners clear will make your house that much cleaner, and makes it easier to open and close those windows as well. Getting rid of that dust and debris also has the potential to alleviate those spring and summer allergies.

4. Plug the pool

If you’re lucky enough to own a pool this summer, whether inground or aboveground, you know that a leak can really hamper your summer fun. Check for leaks, and if you find any, get them fixed sooner rather than later. There are plenty of professionals who are willing to work with you, but you can also repair many smaller leaks on your own. Sealants are easy to buy, and certain types can be highly effective even underwater.

It’s also a good idea to smooth out any rough areas around the pool, to prevent any accidents or wipeouts at your first pool party of the summer. If you’ve been procrastinating cleaning out the pool or balancing those pool chemicals, consider this your reminder! The sooner your pool is ready, the sooner you can your friends can swim.

5. Take a walk on the roof

Without taking a look for yourself, it’s difficult to tell what damage the winter has done to your roof until something leaks! Hail, snow, and water damage can all take a toll on your roof, and it’s a good idea to do a summertime inspection of what your roof went through over the winter months. Make sure you exercise caution when climbing on the roof, and tread extra carefully if you do see signs of rot or severe water damage. Consider hiring a repairman for any serious damages, and use your own sealant materials to seal small leaks or loose shingles. You can get ready now for those future summer storms.

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