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The 3 Largest U.S. Megaprojects Right Now

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In 1962, 400 days of construction wrapped up on the Seattle Space Needle and over two million people came to see it. Huge feats of construction always inspire a bit of awe and curiosity in people. There’s a certain draw to marveling at a new piece of architecture that’s hard to resist. And there are some huge projects happening in the United States right now. Each one promises to be impressive in its own right.

Comcast Technology Center

Budget: $1.5 Billion

One part office space and one part Four Seasons Hotel,the new Comcast Technology Center is currently under constructions in Philadelphia. The hotel will be located near the top of the 1,121 foot building, making it the highest hotel in the nation. Standing at 60 stories high, the Comcast Technology Center will be the tallest building in the state of Pennsylvania and one of the tallest in the country. The Comcast Center, which stands at 973 feet tall, will be demoted to Philadelphia’s second-tallest tower.

Metropolis Penthouses

Retail Price: $4-7 Million each

Los Angeles has been renovating a lot lately, and its housing and hotels megaproject continues with eight new penthouses. These penthouses are the most expensive in the cityand come in a range of sizes. Each penthouse has multiple bedrooms and an extravagant view. There are even more set to be unveiled next year when the final, 56-story residential tower is complete.

Capitol Crossing

Budget: $1.3 Billion

This project is a redevelopment of Washington D.C.’s entire downtown area. It is a massive, 5-building remodel that will completely reshape the nation’s capital. The project has been progressing in phases with the first building opening just this year. Beautifully landscaped and publicly accessible areas will connect the 5 buildings. The whole megaproject will cap out at 2.2 million rentable square feetand is LEED Platinum Certified. On-site amenities like a fitness center and garden terrace are also part of the plan.

Huge construction projects are also a huge risk. If the slightest element goes wrong it can result in massive disappointment and huge budget increases. In some cases, poorly executed megaprojects can be dangerous. But this innate risk is part of the appeal of these projects. It’s impressive to see a construction development succeed against the odds and that’s the real reason why tourists mark buildings and bridges on their itineraries.