Tips for Controlling Pests in And Around Your Home

Mar 13th 2021

Insects and wildlife seek out our homes for warmth, food, and shelter, especially during the winter months. These sneaky pests access our homes in all sorts of ways, some of which are not always obvious to us as homeowners. If not found early on, they can thrive and begin to multiply in number.

Even the tiniest holes are large enough for most pests to squeeze through. A mouse for example, can fit through a space that is only ¼ inch in size. This could be the opening of a door or even an unsealed pipe.

Carpenter ants can also get inside of your living space through small openings in your home. They travel across tree branches that touch your home, and can end up causing thousands of dollars of damage to your wood.

Bats, mice, and other rodents often sneak into your residence through roof vents or open windows in your attic. Once inside, they will begin building nests and will destroy any items stored in the space.

The best way to prevent pest problems is to stop them before they start. Be sure to seal off entry points in your home so that you can avoid future infestations.

Seal Gaps

Don’t just check for larger gaps in your attic or garage. You should also look for small, unsealed gaps where electrical lines and pipes enter your homes. Use caulk or expanding foam insulation to close these small gaps and keep bugs, mice, and other pests out.

Repair Damaged Screens

Window screens and similar barriers can only protect you from mosquitoes and other pests if they can provide the full protection that’s needed. If the frame is in good repair, repairs to a torn screen can be easily made and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Make sure your Weatherstripping is in Good Shape

Weatherstripping is made up of the bristles and felt around your doors and windows. Worn weatherstripping should be replaced to ensure that there are no gaps for pests to enter through.

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