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Too Cool for School

Posted by Isaac Morey on

Silicon is one of the most common substances on planet earth -- and its synthetic derivative, silicone, is one of the most common materials in modern manufacturing. Silicone is used in medicine, cookware, plumbing, molds, toys, personal care items, and (of course) in sealants.

Because silicone is so common, it’s easy to forget how doggone cool it is.

Did you know, for example, that silicone was fundamental to the moon landings? Its incredible resistance to UV light and extreme temperatures made it the perfect material for space suits. In fact, the silicone soles of the astronauts’ shoes was one of the first man-made substances to ever touch the lunar surface!

Silicone is also used to build artificial heart valves, to seal tanks (even aquarium tanks holding millions of pounds of water), and to build many world-changing piece of nanotechnology. What do you use silicone for?