Unconventional Uses for Silicone Sealant

Sep 24th 2020

Silicone sealant is a standard finisher for many different projects, from basic home improvement tasks to extensive construction work. It turns out that that’s not all it’s good for, however! Some very creative people have found some more unconventional ways to use the stuff. We want to share these with you!

1. Preserving Fragile Paper

This solution is perfect for those looking to make old books, newspapers, or documents last a little longer. You apply a thick bead of sealant across the top and squeegee the sealant down the length of the paper. This technique makes 

the page flexible, waterproof, and durable while preventing further deterioration.

2. Non-Slip Rug

While one of the more common unconventional uses for sealant, it is certainly worthy of the spotlight. If you are tired of almost falling flat on your face every time you step on your living room rug, some silicone sealant might help. Many homeowners use this technique to increase a rug’s traction. Simply apply the sealant to the bottom of the rug and let it dry before testing it out. You no longer have to worry about your rug slipping.

3. Silicone Dipped Bulbs

Buying standard silicone bulbs can be expensive, but you can save money by making your own. Before starting the process, you must test your bulbs for durability. Once that is done, warm up the tube and squeeze the contents into a throwaway bowl. Then, take florist wire and wrap it around the bulb to form a hook shape. Drip the entire bulb into the bowl and slowly twist it out to create the desired shape. Finally, hang the bulbs to dry to get the desired length. Now, you have DIY silicone bulbs.

4. Custom Stamps

Finding certain stamp designs can be difficult. With silicone sealant and plexiglass, however, you can create the custom design of your dreams. All you need to do is take a 2D image and trace it with the sealant onto some plexiglass. Once it has dried, you can roll the desired paint onto the stamp and begin creating your desired piece.

5. 3D Wall Art

Want to add a little personal touch to your living space? More and more homeowners are finding new ideas for DIY projects, and one of those is creating custom 3D wall art. You can create the design of your dreams on whatever surface you choose and draw it with the sealant. Then, you allow the sealant to dry before painting it.

What’s the Best Solution?

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