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Using Sealant in Art

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Sealant and other adhesive products have many uses beyond home construction and repair. In fact, it’s texture, adhesion, and ease of use make them an excellent tools or mediums for arts and crafting projects. Whether you’re looking to add texture and depth to a painting, seal a finished piece to protect it from dust and moisture, bind two pieces together, or prepare a structure for full or partial submersion, sealants and adhesives are great to help you create long lasting and beautiful art projects. Sealant is also especially great for outdoor patio or garden pieces because of its ability to withstand the elements and create waterproof seals and bonds.


Silicone sealant can be used to create molds and stamps to use with paint or clay, allowing you duplicate unique and personal designs easily that can be saved for future use. Using sealants along with other adhesive products is also an inventive and creative way to create multiple textures and dimensions when making a collage. Using a sealant as a finishing product will also help preserve your projects to keep the elements from corroding or dissolving delicate materials.


When working with wood, cement, plaster, or clay sealants can also help to bind and seal pieces together for a seamless, waterproof hold. There is a sealant available anywhere to match the strength you need for your structure. Silicone sealant can also be used to seal projects for underwater use, like for making craft boats, rafts, or water features. It’s also great for glass-on-glass art projects or crafts that will be displayed outdoors, like garden lamps, mosaic tiles, or to repair planters and ceramics.


Sealants are also very common for taxidermists because they help to preserve the specimen and hold it into position while the artist works. There are many different sealants that are used for different types of specimens. Fish, for example, are better preserved with sealant and gloss coats that highlight the delicate details. Sealants vary for securing skin, fur, beaks, or antlers but it is absolutely necessary to have on hand for any craftsman.

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