What Makes Food Grade Silicone Sealant Food Grade?

Published by Tobias Anderson (Content Cucumber) on Jul 10th 2021

Silicone sealant is a versatile product, providing quick and long lasting repairs for countless different projects. Users may be wary of applying silicone sealant to a surface which will come in contact with food. And right they should be, as most silicone sealants contain toxins which can be harmful if they come into contact with foodstuffs. Luckily there are low toxin options on the market which pose no health risk by coming in contact with food. This article will outline why food grade silicone sealant is a safe product and provide some examples as to how the product can be used.

1. Low Toxicity

Food grade sealant is high modulus. This means that, when applied to a surface, it has a high degree of stiffness. It is also designed to have 100% neutral cure. A product with a neutral cure releases alcohol or another non-acidic substance during the curing process, making the product virtually odorless. This is in contrast to products with an acetoxy cure which release acetic acid.

2. Anti Bacterial

In addition to not containing dangerous toxins, food grade silicone sealant is produced with strong antibacterial ingredients. The anti bacterial component is FDA-approved and limits the growth of harmful bacteria wherever it is applied. This fungicide resists mold and mildew as well as other common germs including, but not limited to, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, and E-Coli.

As these sealants are usually used to mend cracks and other hard to clean places, the anti-bacterial nature of the product is a huge benefit.

3. Smooth finish

Food grade silicone is designed to spread smoother than other sealants, making cleanup much easier. The smoother the surface the less likely it is that harmful bacteria and fungi wil develop. Keeping rooms that are exposed to persistent moisture well ventilated is also highly recommended to reduce the chances of harmful growth.

4. Versatile AND Mighty

Repairing countertops and refrigerators are common examples of projects where one would definitely want to use a food safe silicone sealant. These products, once cured, are able to withstand temperatures from -70 to +400 degrees F. Oven repairs may not be an option. But these sealants have excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, ultraviolet radiation, and airborne chemicals.

Food safe silicone sealant bonds well to settl, aluminum, ceramics, marble, porcelain, plastics, woods, PVC, and steel, making it applicable to almost any item in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for a quick and long lasting fix for broken, cracked, and leaking kitchen appliances or surfaces, look no further. You can be sure that food grade silicone sealant will do the job. 

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