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You're a big kid now! (Toys for the hardworkers)

Posted by Content Cucumber on

Is there a handyman in your family? Do you have an aunt or a brother just chomping at the bit for a chance to knock down a wall or build their own set of cabinets? Every family has at least one, and gift buying for them can be tricky. Every handyman needs two things to be successful: good supplies from a high quality outlet like Silicone Depot.

But when you’re in the market for some great tool gifts, it can be hard to think of something interesting. Surely they’ve already got all the basic power tools and ordinary construction accessories. Next time you’re on the market for a unique gift for the amateur architect in your life (or maybe you’re shopping for yourself), keep these fun and unordinary tools in mind!

Space pen

We’ve all heard that pervasive myth about NASA wasting millions on an anti-gravity pen instead of just using pencils (the reality of the situation was a lot less shocking). But so-called “space pens” are a fun tool for any carpenter to have. When you’re writing on walls or ceilings to mark your next move, your standard ballpoint pen is going to be a source of frustration. And sure, most of the time you could use a pencil, but where’s the fun in that?

When the situation calls for ink, a space pen makes sure that gravity won’t hold you back. These nifty tools can even write underwater!

Cut-resistant gloves

Nicks, cuts or splinters getting you down? Handyman in your family always grousing about how much dexterity they lose with their big, cumbersome leather gloves? Then trade up to cut-resistant gloves. You can find pairs of these that are made out of Kevlar (just like bullet-proof vests) or even metal mesh (like the chainmail worn by knights).

Cut and puncture wounds are among the most common home injuries suffered by DIYers. A pair of good cut-resistant gloves is the perfect mix of practical and cool to satisfy any home improvement enthusiast.

A blowtorch

Can the handyman in your life be trusted not to burn the house down? If so, then bring on the blowtorch! These tools are a lot of fun to use and really handy for certain projects. And it’s almost a guarantee that the person you’re buying if for doesn’t already have one.

Blowtorches have many practical uses, such as eliminating weeds that poke up between cracks in the sidewalk and loosening stuck nuts and bolts. They can also be used to add a little creative flare to an already finished product. Whip out a blowtorch next time you’re wanting these unique looks.

Vintage designs on wood

New wood can sometimes look boring or even a bit ugly. If you want your wooden structure to look vintage without settling for old, unstable wood, then run a blowtorch over the finished design to get that smokey, weathered look without sacrificing integrity.

Rustic designs on metal

Building with metal instead of wood? A blowtorch can jazz up an otherwise boring metal structure as well. With a little controlled burning, you can get a beautiful rustic look.

Solder to your heart’s content

A homemade trellis or other yard art look great when they’re made out of copper wires and tubing. With a blowtorch you can create any design you can imagine!

Extreme sticky notes

While not a power tool, these are still a lot of fun, and insanely useful as well. After years of going without, the shop industry finally invented a sticky note that can stick to just about everything. Shop-grade sticky notes will adhere to surfaces that are wet, greasy, uneven, metal, wood, you name it.

They’re a handy invention that belongs in every garage-turned-woodshop out there. No more confusion from sticky notes falling off their intended surface and piling up on the dusty floor. These notes stick wherever they’re put and they stay there.

Cordless track saw

Track saws are a godsend for the handyman who works alone. But for even better ease of use, pick up a cordless one. Not being tethered by a long cord makes home improvement jobs not only effortless, but safer, as well. Most safety organizations list cords as a common tripping hazard, and with good reason. Tripping while carrying or using a saw is even more dangerous for obvious reasons.

This portable version of a useful shop tool is guaranteed to make that home improvement project ten times easier. Also, it’s a fancy saw, and who doesn’t want another one of those? High-quality track saws are fun to use and handy to have around, especially if they have a decent collection bag to make clean up a breeze.

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