Concrete Elite (10oz Cartridges) Expansion Joint Sealant 100% RTV Silicone Sealant

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Concrete Elite (10oz Cartridges) Expansion Joint Sealant 100% RTV Silicone Sealant

Our 9000 series Concrete Elite Expansion Joint silicone sealant is a neutral cure, one-part sealant, made of 100% RTV silicone. This versatile and sturdy product can be used for many different applications, but it is especially ideal to use for installing driveways, sidewalks, steps, retaining walls or just to fill minor cracks or imperfections in cement or concrete. It’s UV resistant and is also highly capable of holding up against wind, weather, and the elements, ensuring that it will last for years to come without you needing to reapply. While many silicone sealants won’t adhere strongly and effectively to concrete or cement, the  9000 series Concrete Elite Expansion Joint 100% RTV silicone sealant is designed just for the job.

If you’re used to using standard polyurethane products like NP1 or Polysulfide for sealing expanding joints, you won’t regret switching to our 9000 series Concrete Elite Expansion Joint silicone sealant for use on sealing expansion joints. Not only will you feel the difference in ease of applying the product, but the expansion joint sealant lasts much longer with minimal signs of wear. Clients love the durability of Silicone Depot’s 9000 series Concrete Elite Expansion Joint silicone sealant for sealing concrete of all types, indoors and outdoors alike. 

Whether you need a silicone sealant for use on indoor concrete or you’re sealing up concrete steps, walls, sidewalks, or other surfaces, Silicone Depot’s 9000 series Concrete Elite Expansion Joint silicone sealant is your best bet for the job. Whether you need several 5-gallon buckets for a major construction project or you just need a couple of 20oz Sausages for your at-home DIY, we have all of the sizes of Concrete Elite Expansion Joint Sealant 100% RTV Silicone Sealant that you could ever need at Silicone Depot. 

  • Available in 5-gallon buckets, 2-gallon buckets, and 20-oz Sausages - pick up the size you need!
  • Can be used on concrete, cement, and other surfaces where a specialty sealant is needed
  • An affordable and effective alternative to NP1 or Polysulfide
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Does not yellow, discolor, or show other signs of wear after being exposed to sunlight and the elements
  • Simple to apply, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced contractor


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25 Reviews

  • Posted by Dennis on Apr 25th 2024


    Concrete expansion joint sealant

    Called in for concrete crack sealing recommendation. They understood what I needed and recommended the expansion joint sealant. Shipped same day, came timely with Fedex. Extremely easy to put through a caulk gun. Excellent dispersion, easy to work with. I Recommend the product

  • Posted by Sean on Mar 18th 2024


    Concrete Elite

    Best product I have ever used for a sealant on cement block. A+

  • Posted by Fishman on Oct 12th 2023


    Excellent to deter rats and seal stucco gaps

    I used this to saturate and encapsulate steel hardware cloth I embedded between my stucco/concrete skirting and an angle aluminum ledge that supports 3/4" plywood that covers my exterior crawl space entry. This sealant is incredible! It dries really firm but does give a little. Rats hate chewing through silicone. With the help of this sealant and angle aluminum and hardware cloth, I was able to seal the entryway and no more rats!

  • Posted by Christopher Hedges on Oct 4th 2023


    Elite Concrete joint sealant, 10 Oz Tubes

    Great product, flowed smoothly, set up quickly ( apx 80 degrees ). Seems very durable!

  • Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2023


    Concrete elite expansion joint sealant

    Outstanding product. Thank you. I highly recommend.

  • Posted by Jerry Genda on Jun 6th 2023


    Concrete Elite 10 OZ cartridge

    Concrete Elite in my opinion is very good product , did my garage floor first . It was learning curve but it wasn't take long to learn. Before applying sealant clean joint properly, apply masking on both sides(not right on the edges of the joint I left about 1/16 inch on both sides) use putty k nife to smooth outh. It was't take long to install cheap tape on both sides, and it is looks very good . Order 24 more tubes today in the morning and it is already shipped. This product is easy to apply have excellent sdhesion with good grey color.

  • Posted by Barry Marsh on May 10th 2023


    concrete expansion joint sealant

    Looks real good but will have to give it a winter to be able to truly evaluate

  • Posted by Don. Lommler on Sep 5th 2022


    Concrete Elite

    Pretty good product. Easy to use. Goes down very smoothly and easy to feather.

  • Posted by Jim on Jul 28th 2022


    10 oz Concrete Elite expansion joint sealant

    The silicone joint seal seems like a durable product. It has remained pliable for the past summer month, time will tell. The caulk like material is a bit difficult to apply. If the sealant was self leveling like most other driveway joint sealers, tooling would not be needed, which is time consuming and messy. If this sealant was somewhat more liquid and tooling was not necessary, I would give it a five star rating.