Concrete Elite (10oz Cartridges) Expansion Joint Sealant

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Aluminum Gray Expansion Joint Silicone Sealant in 10.1 oz cartridges. 


Project 1™ 9000 SERIES 100% RTV Concrete Expansion Joint Sealant is a high quality, single-component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed to provide superior performance when used in concrete expansion joint applications. It provides adhesion, flexibility and weatherability that far exceeds conventional polyurethane products such as NP1 or outdated polysulfide products. It will withstand UV exposure and continue to perform years after other sealants have failed. It will not yellow or discolor even after years of outdoor exposure. This product is custom formulated for us by the nation’s leader in silicone sealants so you can count on consistent quality. Our pricing is similar to inferior products on the market so the decision is easy to make the upgrade to this superior, long lasting sealant.

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11 Reviews

  • Posted by bill gates on Jan 4th 2022


    Concrete Joint selant -- Good stuff!

    It's a bit messy, but what caulk isn't? Seemed to seal well and then accept top sand appropriately. Rain arrived a day later and everything held tight!

  • Posted by John Floria Jr on Aug 10th 2021


    Joint sealant

    great product easy to tool

  • Posted by Glenn Bellmyer on Jul 19th 2021


    expansion joint sealant

    easy to apply-hoping it will last alot longer than polyurethane

  • Posted by John Halm on Dec 3rd 2020


    Concrete Expansion Joint Sealant

    Great product. Been using polyurethane sealants that would shrink and fail within 2 seasons. Expect must better performance from 100% silicone RTV. Taped joints and ended up with an excellent job. Very satisfied and great pricing.

  • Posted by Howard Laidlaw on Oct 24th 2020



    Great product. 1/3 +/- the cost of comparable "off the shelf" products. Just gotta' move fast because you can only tool it for a short period of time before it starts skinning over (having some denatured alcohol to "mist" on it is a big help).

  • Posted by Debra W Harris on Oct 9th 2020


    Concrete Elite expansion joint sealant

    Our contractor recommended this product. I placed an initial order, which arrived very quickly. It's easy to use, forgiving of the novice who's smoothing it out and dries in less than a day. Our application looks professional! One of their reps gave us hints on how to apply it so it would look professionally done. The second order arrived as quickly as the first, which we are grateful for as snow is coming quickly where we live and we needed this project completed before cold weather. Great product, highly recommend.

  • Posted by Unknown on May 12th 2020


    Silicone joint seal

    Great product, went on smooth and very workable. Very durable after curing. Very satisfied!

  • Posted by Delmer Cox on Apr 20th 2020


    Concrete Elite Expansion Joint Sealant 10 oz

    The RTV came in faster than expected. The RTV worked as expected which was great. I am very happy with your product and the cost was better than expected. Thanks.

  • Posted by Unknown on Aug 8th 2019


    Was exactly what I was expecting/ needed.

    Easy enough to use. Needs to be tooled quickly.