EASY-RTV 100% Silicone Pressure Can sold individually (6 in a case )

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Easy RTV

Many contractors find that they are frustrated with weak sealants that can't withstand tough conditions or hold up against the elements. Look no further than Easy-RTV 100% Premium Silicone Sealant/Adhesive for all your demanding projects. This 8oz pressure can dispenses a 100% silicone sealant adhesive that is perfect for many types of applications, including making gaskets, precision work, and professional installations. 

With its expertly designed pressurized nozzle, Easy-RTV makes it a breeze to seal gaps and thresholds with pinpoint accuracy. It’s a huge benefit, whether you’re working on home repairs or sealing up mechanical parts. This versatile sealant is suitable for use on wood, concrete, steel, metal, marble, and granite. You can apply it anywhere, for anything from home repair applications to mechanical parts, without worrying about damaging important surfaces. 

Our Easy RTV sealant also comes in various colors including clear, white, aluminum, red, and black. You can easily choose the perfect color to match your project and create the professional finish you’re looking for.

But that's not all – Easy-RTV's sealant is formulated to withstand UV rays and the elements while maintaining its elasticity and durability. You can trust that your project will stay sealed and protected for the long haul.

What sets Easy-RTV apart from the rest is the unique design that allows it to stop immediately when you stop applying pressure. No more wasting product or messy cleanups - this premium sealant makes precise application effortless.

  • Precise and durable 100% silicone sealant adhesive for demanding projects
  • 8oz pressure can with a pressurized nozzle, ensuring accuracy
  • Suitable for use on wood, concrete, steel, metal, marble, and granite, making it a versatile option for a range of applications
  • Quick curing time
  • Easy application 
  • Available in five colors: clear, white, aluminum, red, and black
  • UV ray resistance
  • The unique design stops sealant flow mmediately when pressure is released
  • Ensures a neat and professional finish for any project

Not recommended for Vinyl 

Available in clear, white, aluminum red, and black



Important user note: Although this is our Premium Silicone Sealant it has an acetoxy curing system and will not adhere well and is not recommended for use on vinyl windows, vinyl doors, vinyl siding, vinyl or coated guttering applications, concrete, stone, brick or most masonry work. You will need our Project 1 Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant or one of our Polyurethane sealants for those tough jobs. 

Important note: Paint will not adhere to silicone sealant but silicone sealant will adhere to most painted surfaces. Always paint first and then seal. Make sure the paint has had time to dry completely before applying silicone sealant.

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6 Reviews

  • Posted by Boscoe's Pools on Oct 13th 2023


    Easy-RTV Silicone / CLEAR

    Ordered Clear, box received was marked Aluminum and that was the color marked on the cans inside. We will use on certain projects and see if it meet our requirements. Would have much preferred the clear silicone that we ordered. Larry Carr / Boscoe's Pools 770-251-4758 Response: We had no idea we sent the wrong color until this post. We did however call and sent out the proper color. we apologize again for this mishap.

  • Posted by Benton Technical Service on Jan 11th 2023



    Awesome product, we do several hundreds of fiber installations a month and this is my go silicone on all of my jobs, its easy to use with no mess.

  • Posted by Robert Salgado on Jul 1st 2022


    Great Quality and Price

    We use these to seal forms for epoxy resin. It performs well and I have not received any complaints from the rest of the shop. Price is what attracted us to these.

  • Posted by Harry Holwood on Feb 21st 2022


    So far the product looks excellent I haven't had a chance to use it yet but

    Is great price fast shipping

  • Posted by Sandra Massey-Kealey on Mar 7th 2019


    good product

    just like product from adaseal

  • Posted by janet kennedy on May 12th 2017


    great product

    its perfect for our application