Pro Grade RTV Silicone Sealant (Multiple Colors & Fixed Nozzle)

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Project 1 Pro-Grade RTV Silicone Sealant:


The 6007 (White) Professional Grade Silicone is ON SALE! This material was produced early last year but is still fully warranted for 1 year after purchase like any other product. That means if it cures up in the the cartridge, we'll replace it at no cost to you! 


Our project 1 professional-grade RTV silicone sealant is flexible, durable, and can withstand various elements. It helps seals cracks and crevices to keep baseboard and basements dry. It's perfect for a shower or bath install. Use Project 1 pro-grade for bathrooms, kitchens, and general construction, because it has strong mildew-resistant properties. Available in clear, white, black, aluminum, and bronze. 


Not Recommended for use on Vinyl 


Works best on  

Non porous material


Wood, metal, aluminum, porcelain, glass, bathtubs, sinks, and tile

 Safety data sheet



Warranty and Shelf Life:

  Each application should be pre-tested for suitability of this product for the 
  intended use. When stored in the original, unopened container at temperatures 
  less than 90 degrees F (32 degrees C), our Silicones are guaranteed for one 
  year from date of purchase



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41 Reviews

  • Posted by Frank J orosz on Oct 7th 2021



    Good price and fast shipping

  • Posted by Roger on Sep 2nd 2021


    Pro Grade rtv silcone

    Fantastic price for a Fantastic product!

  • Posted by Norm on Aug 12th 2021


    silicone tubes

    Same as always - good service, good product, good prices

  • Posted by Larry J McDanel on Jul 6th 2021


    Black pro grade silicone

    Used this product many times and have no problems with it. Would recommend it to everyone.

  • Posted by Delmer Cox on May 30th 2021


    Pro Grade RTV

    The pro Grade RTV works great. I have purchased this silicone several times and the quality is always good.

  • Posted by Larry J McDanel on May 25th 2021


    Black pro grade silicone

    Best black silicone I've ever used and Silicone Depot has great service and fast shipping

  • Posted by Rob Hagestad on May 25th 2021


    project 1 silicone

    excellent product and fast shipping!

  • Posted by Delmer Cox on May 16th 2021


    Pro Grade RTV

    I have Silicone Depot several times and have not been disappointed. I purchased the clear silicone this time and it is great. I like that the tubes do not have a seal that needs to be broken before use.

  • Posted by Roger Milholland on May 13th 2021


    Sluice Mat material

    Makes excellent custom sluice box mats. Thank you Mr. Robertson for the recommendation