5 Ways to Make Your Basement More Inviting

5 Ways to Make Your Basement More Inviting

Jan 18th 2023

Oftentimes, a home basement is considered a storage space where people place holiday decorations and leftover clothing. However, there are many people who consider the basement to be an extended living space that can have multiple purposes such as a family/living room, guest room, gym, laundry room, and more.

But how can you make a basement feel like a comfortable, inviting space where people will want to hang out?

There are some ways to create a cozy environment within your basement. For example, consider repainting the walls, getting the right lighting, considering the floor, getting comfortable furniture, and decorating your basement.

Keep reading for more helpful basement ideas that can make your space feel larger and more livable.

Repaint the Basement

An easy way to transform your basement is by repainting the basement area. Adding the right coat of paint can create the illusion of the basement being a larger space than it actually is.

Oftentimes, the basement feels like an uninviting space because it feels cramped. However, the eyes can be tricked into thinking the space is larger by adding paint in bright colors. This does not necessarily mean throwing the brightest shade of yellow onto the wall.

Choose shades of colors that are more pastel or have a more white base. This can also make people feel more inclined to stay if the color of the space is calming.

White tends to be a great option because it can brighten a dark space without the need for additional natural lighting. Avoid dark colors on their own because they can make the basement feel smaller and more cramped.

Light the Room Properly

In addition to repainting the space, adding the correct lighting can help add warmth to the space. The basement oftentimes does not get natural light since it is on the lower level of the home or closer to the ground, so it is important to bring light into the space.

Sometimes direct, overhead lighting in a basement can be harsh and focus on the center of the space. Consider bulbs that are not a harsh white.

Consider recessed, task lighting as well, as it can be hidden in other areas to provide more of a glow than a bright light. Another option is to get free-standing lighting, such as table lamps or floor lamps.

With the combination of a lighter-painted basement and the lighting, the room will feel bigger and brighter because the lights will be reflecting light off of the wall and into the entire space.

Update the Flooring

The basement space feels cold, oftentimes, because of the flooring. Many basements have a foundational concrete floor, which does not retain heat well. However, it is trusted as a foundation because of its durability which will keep your home level and safe.

If there are cracks in the basement floor, you can seal them and repair them by using an expansion joint sealant made for concrete. That way, people feel more comfortable walking around and will not be afraid to hit one of the cracks.

To add some warmth to the space, try adding a few area rugs. Carpeting is not recommended for a basement because the area can easily be damaged by moisture, causing mold to grow.

Adding rugs that have a slip layer will protect your floors from damage and your feet from the cold.

Get Comfortable Furniture Pieces

Furnish the room with pieces of furniture that will be comfortable and warm, as well as functional for how you want the space to operate. If you want to get funky, decor and furniture is where you can add a pop of color that will make the room stand out.

Avoid materials like wicker and metal that may be uncomfortable or make a space feel cramped. Upholstered furniture or leather items work best in the basement due to their comfort level.

Also, be aware of just how much space you have before filling it with furniture, as then the basement will once again become a storage space.


The basement is a great place to show off some stand-out decor pieces or simply highlight the purpose of the space. For example, if you want the room to mainly serve as a family space, consider decorating the walls with family pictures that show each individual member.

If you like to collect items, such as art, books, etc. the basement is a great place to not only store those items but also to show them off!

Use Silicone Depot to Upgrade Your Basement

It is always a good idea to consider your basement as part of your home’s living space as it is a place that can be multifunctional and has a lot of great potential.

To keep the space comfortable, consider insulating it with our expanding foam sealant, which is designed to keep air and moisture out of the applicated areas.

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