• Nov 25th 2020

    What to Do About Frozen Pipes

    You might not think much about your water system, especially during the winter months when there is so much more to worry about. However, during winter, water tends to freeze in pipes, causing it to e…

  • Nov 20th 2020

    Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn’t Do Solo

    The perfect home improvement project can increase the value of your home and make it a more comfy place to live. Some improvement projects like installing tiles are very easy and can be done by any ho…

  • Nov 13th 2020

    Top 8 Common Myths About Silicone

    Silicone is a word that shows up everywhere. In hardware stores, on billboards, in pharmacies, in textbooks, silicone is prominently featured in nearly every aspect of daily life. Although we may see…

  • Nov 6th 2020

    Can Caulk Shrink?

    Applying caulk is a relatively simple process when you know what you’re doing. Nevertheless, even those with the most enviable experience might struggle if conditions are less than ideal. For example,…