• Sealing Windows!

    May 11th 2019

    Sealing Windows!

    With the weather heating up, keeping your home cool could mean the difference between summertime bliss with family and friends and uncomfortably sweating away the days and nights. Having your home p…

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  • 10 Spring Projects

    Apr 30th 2019

    10 Spring Projects

    Spring is here, and summer is coming. Many of us are excited to see the sunshine lasting longer and longer each day and can’t wait to lounge poolside without a care in the world.Make sure your house…

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  • Sealing Tight Spaces!

    Apr 30th 2019

    Sealing Tight Spaces!

    Every house has some gaps or cracks somewhere in its construction. It's through these gaps that air, water, and insects can enter your home. To close these gaps, you will likely need to caulk around…

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  • Product Feature: Accessories, Accessories!

    Apr 18th 2019

    Product Feature: Accessories, Accessories!

    At Silicone Depot, our goal is to make your goals easier. We want to be there to offer you great products and low prices for whatever household or workplace project you’re working on! We strive to…

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  • Product Feature: Expanding Foam Sealant

    Apr 15th 2019

    Product Feature: Expanding Foam Sealant

    Dear wasps:We’re sorry.It’s a hard life, being a wasp. No one ever seems to want you around, especially at picnics, and it’s hard to stand out when every other wasp is wearing the same outfit as you…

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