• New Year, New Trends

    Dec 31st 2018

    New Year, New Trends

    Your home environment can influence everything from your productivity to your comfort levels and ability to relax. With the amount of time you spend at home, it is important to make sure you create…

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  • Nov 25th 2018

    Snow Can Ruin Your Roof...

    We call our homes the roof over our heads for a reason. The roof is possibly the most important part of a house, and it’s certainly the most exposed. Take a moment to truly think about all the damag…

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  • Holiday Home Projects

    Nov 12th 2018

    Holiday Home Projects

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and just after that it’s time for carols and Christmas trees. If you’ve got friends and family coming over for the holidays, then the time is ripe to complet…

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  • Nov 5th 2018

    Go VOTE!

    On November 6, every state in the country will hold its midterm elections. While most people understand the importance of presidential elections, midterms sometimes fall by the wayside. However, mi…

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  • Oct 30th 2018

    Prepare Your Home for Winter.

    Halloween is right around the corner, and after that, it’s officially winter for most of us. And wintertime is a lovely time of the year. It’s the season of hot cocoa and beautiful snowy landscapes.…

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